Jo OMeara: S Club 7 Members Are Too Busy for Reunion

Despite talks about reunion ahead of the group’s 25th anniversary, the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star insists there are no plans for members to reunite to mark the occasion.

AceShowbizJo O’Meara has cast doubt on an S Club 7 reunion ahead of the group’s 25th anniversary in 2023.

According to Jo – who was joined by Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, and Paul Cattermole in the classic line-up – the group is too “busy” to mark the milestone.

The singer, who released her second solo album With Love on Friday (27Aug21), tells, “I think everyone is busy living their own lives and having their individual careers.”

“Seven people is a lot to round up,” she said, adding of a potential reunion, “There are no plans.”

While a comeback appears to be off the cards, Jo said her bandmates “seem to be doing well.”

Last year, Tina revealed she had discussed writing new music with the rest of S Club 7, 17 years after they split.

“We ­definitely want to do something new together,” she told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column. “We’re all older now so we could do something that reflects how we are now – not such a teeny-bopper sound, something more credible.”

She continued, “Looking at a band like Steps who are quite ­similar, they’ve done new music and they’ve done incredibly well. We’d be silly not to. Everyone really enjoyed the last reunion so this time around everyone’s more up for it. I’ve chatted to pretty much everyone and I think we’re all up for it. So it’s just about getting it in the diary. I’m pretty sure it will happen.”

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