Jesy Nelson says shes obsessed with bad boys following horrendous breakup

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Jesy Nelson has appeared on a new podcast to discuss her new music and her reasoning behind leaving the pop girl group Little Mix.

The singer, 30, left the band in December 2020 and has since embarked on a solo singing career, with her new music set to drop any day now.

Speaking about her future endeavours, Jesy chatted with Josh Smith on the Reign podcast, where she dropped a series of juicy bombs.

Discussing her experience since leaving the group, she revealed: "I mean it's been a blood rollercoaster but I feel the happiest I've ever been and that's god's honest truth."

Host Josh Smith then went on to quiz her on what urged her to write her new music, which will be coming out soon, as she leads with a single titled Boyz.

Jesy explained the inspiration behind the song was about her experience with "bad boys".

She said: "In a nutshell, I went through a breakup and it was probably the first time I've ever been heartbroken in my life.

"It was f***ing horrendous.

"And I was laying in bed and I was like why is it that when I've been with really nice boys, I get bored? But as soon as I get with someone that's bad I'm obsessed with them.

"I was like why is it that most girls want a bad boy? I need to write a song about this."

She also went on to explain how she felt unhappy for ten years while being in the band and how it was difficult to make her own choices.

Jesy branded Little Mix a "machine", revealing she could never "switch off" and had her life constantly planned out for her.

She added: "I feel a lot of people think that it’s selfish I’ve left the group. It was ten years of my life that I was very unhappy with and I needed to take myself out of that and genuinely do what’s going to make me happy," she explained.

The star also went on to reveal how she broke down on the set for the music video Sweet Melody which led her to make the decision that it wasn't fair on the other girls if she stayed in the group.

Although, she did still sing the remaining members praises saying they're her "sisters" and she was so pleased that they got their deserved BRIT Award for Best Group.

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