Jeremy Clarkson slams tax dodging Lewis Hamilton ahead of Formula One final

Jeremy Clarkson didn't hold back as he gave his brutal review of Formula One rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen as the pair went head-to-head in Abu Dhabi Grand prix.

After being a fan of the sport since he was born, motor enthusiast Jeremy shared his thoughts about the athletes in his latest opinion-piece in the Sunday Times.

Branding it a "water-cooler event", he first slammed Lewis Hamilton, before taking on Max, and said: " [Lewis] is so hilariously on message, he's off it."

The TV personality continued: "He [Lewis] stands there with his serious tax-dodging but knighted face telling everyone to cut their emissions while circumnavigating the globe so that he can race a 1,000-horsepower car that was sponsored by the company that clad the tower at Grenfell."

Jeremy tweeted telling his 7.5 million followers that "Lewis needed a smacked bottom".

Soon after directing his aim at Lewis, Jeremy labelled Formula One star Max, as a 'yob' , as the broadcaster boldly mentions the driver's father's past conviction.

He added: "His dad, Jos, a Dutch racing driver from the 1990s, was convicted of threatening his wife and violating a restraining order."

Despite blasting both drivers, the Grand Tour host adds his opinion on both of the athletes and their sporting credentials.

He predicted who he thinks will win today's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix match.

Jeremy added: "They are both epic drivers, though. For what it's worth, I think Max is probably better as a helmsman."

"But when it comes to wheel-to-wheel racing, Lewis probably has the edge."

"When the chips are down, he gets canny. He's cleverer. More calculating. So we have a battle of maths versus violence."

The formula one rival will go into the final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race with them locked together on 369.5 – It is only the second time this has happened since F1's first season in 1950

Four years ago, Lewis felt the need to defend himself for living in Monaco, a tax-free country.

He said: "I am contributing to the country [UK] and, not only that, I help keep a team of more than 1,000 people employed. I am part of a much bigger picture."

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