Jemele Hill Appears to Shade Kanye and Drakes Concert by Comparing It to Beyonces

Describing the ‘Formation’ singer’s performance as ‘constant motion and mental stimulation,’ the former ESPN host is seemingly disappointed that Ye and Drizzy’s joint gig doesn’t live up to her expectation.

AceShowbiz -While many have been raving about Kanye West and Drake‘s “Free Larry Hoover” concert, Jemele Hill was not one of those who went home feeling uplifted following the Thursday night, December 9 gig. The sports journalist appeared to be disappointed after watching the duo’s performance as she compared it to Beyonce Knowles‘ show.

Taking to Twitter to share her take after watching the benefit concert, Jemele appeared to shade the two hip-hop stars for not living up to her expectations. “Watching that Drake-Ye concert last night made me realize how much Beyonce has ruined my concert experience. She is constant motion and mental stimulation,” she wrote, gushing about the R&B diva. She added, “Not going to lie, there were times I was … bored. And that’s the most I’ve listened to Kanye in years.”

Jemele’s comment was met with agreement by Beyhive, as one responded, “Bey has spoiled us rotten ok.” Another chimed in, “Yesss!!! BEY concerts are everything but boring.” A third Beyonce fan claimed, “SHE GIVES THE BEST PERFORMANCES.”

Some others, however, disagreed with Jemele, believing that Kanye and Drake should not be compared to Beyonce. “He’s an artist really, not a ‘performer’. And from what I saw it was a very artistic show,” one argued. Another pointed out, “Two different entertainment styles.”

One other similarly said, “Shes a singer they’re rappers thats 2 whole different types of shows so they shouldn’t be compared,” while someone defended Kanye and Drake’s concert, “They are two completely different aesthetics so idk what she expected. The concert was amazing and the stage was BEAUTIFUL. Kanye’s catalog is amazing.”

“Beyonce is fire but these n***as ain’t Beyonce soooooo why expect the same experience?” someone told Jemele. Another sarcastically remarked, “So you want Ye and Drake out there half naked and twerking? Ok sis.”

Jemele has caught wind of these opinions, but she insisted that Kanye and Drake’s recent joint concert was dull. When someone tweeted to her, “Didn’t know u we’re expecting Kanye n Drake to bust dance moves at a rap concert ..that’s weird lol,” she replied, “I’ve seen them both before in concert and really enjoyed it. But this … I don’t know. There were just lulls to me.”

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