Is DJ Khaled Married?

DJ Khaled has become such a pop culture presence that most people know of him, even if they aren’t quite sure what he does. DJ Khaled‘s roster of celebrity friends, commitment to social media, and endlessly positive message of self-love have become his signature, and fans support his musical endeavors no matter who he collaborates with. Khaled has also made headlines for his personal life, though not for the same reason as many rappers — Khaled has actually been in one committed relationship for a very long time.

How DJ Khaled became famous

DJ Khaled has been in the music industry for decades, working with young artists to help them become successful long before he turned his attention to building his own brand. At the beginning of his career, Khaled worked in record stores before becoming a DJ. In the late ’90s, Khaled moved to Miami and began hosting radio shows. Slowly, audiences started becoming aware of DJ Khaled and his unique personality. 

In 2006, Khaled released his very first album, “Listennn…the Album.” It did quite well and eventually led to his second album in 2007, “We the Best.” The second album is when Khaled really started his series of high-powered collaborations with fellow artists like T-Pain, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Lil’ Wayne.

He has gone on to release several more albums, including “Major Key” and “Grateful.” In addition to his musical endeavors, Khaled has become a social media superstar, courting legions of fans on Snapchat and Twitter. His larger-than-life personality is perfect for social media and he has become instantly recognizable, even for those who might not listen to his music.

Who is DJ Khaled’s wife?

In contrast to his superstar persona, DJ Khaled is actually a happy family man. Khaled has been with his wife, Nicole Tuck, for eleven years. Tuck has an impressive resume, which includes a master’s in education, and primarily spends her time managing Khaled’s career. She frequently accompanies him to various red carpet and industry events.

Tuck tends to keep a low profile on social media and seems to be the exact opposite of her husband in many ways. She has been seen in some of his Snapchat videos berating him for filming her, so it’s clear that the couple has very different views on social media. Still, they seem happy together and have stuck by one another’s side for well over a decade. 

How many children does DJ Khaled have?

Khaled and Tuck have one son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, born in October 2016. The toddler has become a mainstay in Khaled’s social media posts and Snapchat videos. Khaled even live-streamed Asahd’s birth on Snapchat — it is not known what his wife thought about that particular decision. The music mogul is undoubtedly devoted to his son and even brings young Asahd to many red carpet events with him. The toddler can often be seen perched in the seat next to his famous father.

Khaled titled his eleventh studio album after his son, “Father of Asahd.” While some fans take issue with the sheer luxury that Khaled exposes his son to, including designer baby clothes, others see it as the loving efforts of a doting father and mother. Certainly, little Asahd will always know that he is loved.

As to whether or not Khaled and Tuck could welcome more children in the future, it seems likely. Prior to baby Asahd’s birth, Khaled gushed about how excited he was to become a father, saying he definitely wants more than one child: “I’ve always wanted to be a family man. I’m in a great family and I want to have my own family at the same time.”

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