Harry Potter Bill Weasley actor almost turned down role because of co-star dad

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The last Harry Potter films came out 10 years ago, way to feel old, right?! A decade on and the film franchise still has a massive cult following just as strong as it did during its release.

But when some fans thought they knew everything about the film, they stand corrected, as we are about to reveal a mind-blowing revelation.

Two actors from the wonderful wizarding saga are actually related in real life, as father and son.

Even some of the biggest Harry Potter superfans may not know that the men behind Mad-Eye Moody and Bill Weasley are blood relatives in real life.

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Brendan Gleeson played Mad-Eye Moody, the eyepatch-wearing wizard who first made an appearance in The Goblet of Fire and his son Domhnall Gleeson played the eldest Weasley sibling, Bill Weasley.

Bill was first shown in The Deathly Hallows, as a stronger focus on Ron's family grew within the latter films.

However Domhnall actually almost didn't take the exciting role as he was worried that people would think he only got placed there due to his father's links.

He was also initially reluctant to follow in his father's footsteps in regards to acting in general because of this.

In an interview with Broadway.com, he said: "I'd been very certain about not wanting to do the acting thing because of my father.

"I thought I'd always have the father-son thing of 'he got you the part.'"

Last year, Domhnall told The Guardian that he also considered changing his surname at the beginning of his career in order to try and stay out of his father's shadow.

But this clearly wasn't the case as Domhnall has gone on to star in other titles such as Peter Rabbit and Black Mirror, where he played a man who tragically died in a car crash but then returns to his partner as a synthetic android clone of himself.

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Domhnall wasn't the only aspiring actor in his family though, despite his famous father of course, as he also had three younger brothers.

They were all born in Dublin, Ireland but his younger brother Brian is also in the profession and the pair both played on-screen brothers in an American psychological horror film titles Mother! which came out in 2017.

However, film buffs are most likely to recognise him from Snow White and the Huntsman where he starred as the youngest Dwarf, Gus.

Dad of the bunch Brendan is a well-known Irish actor who featured as Knuckles McGinty, the short-tempered prison cook in Paddington 2, as well as taking up leading roles in films such as 28 Days Later (2002), In Bruges (2008), The Guard (2011), The Grand Seduction (2013), and Calvary (2014).

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