Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry says she wants to pack up fame to live on a farm

Reality Star Chloe Ferry first found fame on MTV's Geordie Shore in 2015. Only 19 years old at the time, Chloe became a popular character in the series, with fans loving her for her comedic antics and open persona.

Since then, the blonde bombshell has found stardom in other reality shows such as, Celebs Go Dating and Celebrity Big Brother.

Although she is best known for appearing in a number of well known reality programmes, in a recent interview Chloe, 25, confessed that she is now looking to move away from television and focus more on her businesses.

While discussing her next career move during a virtual roundtable interview to celebrate 10 years of Geordie Shore and the new upcoming two part series, Geordie Shore: Ten Years on The Toon, Chloe admitted that she's ready to give up fame and stardom.

The TV personality confessed: "I think I'm just going to probably do one more series of Geordie and then I think I'm done with that now.

"I think I want to start steering away from TV to be honest. I want to start expanding my salons and stuff like that."

Opening up on the reason behind why she wants to move away from TV work, Chloe gave more insight into her motivations.

She explained: "You know what I feel like I'm just so much different now to what I was when I first was on TV.

"Obviously if I get some good shows, I would possibly want one type of my own show before I steer away form TV.

"But I want to start doing more business side of things to be honest. That's what interests me."

She added: "Eventually when I am older, I do want to eventually have my own island and live on a farm.

MTV star Chloe has previously expressed how fame has made her feel more self-conscious and even resulted in her having depression.

Speaking openly on this matter again she briefly explained: "You're not prepared to think that everyone will be staring at you and that's where my depression started.

"Why my depression started is because I got so much hate online and I though that when everyone was looking at us, everyone was judging us.

"I had so much comments on Instagram calling us ugly, fat, she's a disgrace. So that's why people says to me now, that's why I have anxiety because I think everyone is talking about me.

"I just want to curl up in a ball."

Despite finding fame first from television work, Chloe has made sure she utilised her stardom and invested into her businesses.

As well as being a popular influencer on social media apps like Snapchat, Chloe owns a cosmetics company called Chloe Ferry Cosmetics. In addition to this, the star also owns a Celebrity Aesthetics & Beauty Salon called CM House of Aesthetics.

Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon premieres 25th May and 1st June at 10pm only on MTV.

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