Fun House star Pat Sharp and Blur’s Damon Alborn clash over ‘c**p’ hair

Pat Sharp has launched into a battle of the barnets with Blur's frontman Damon Albarn over his "c**p" mullet on Twitter.

The Fun House presenter took exception to the Country House singer's dodgy new hair-do with the mullet now destined for a major return in 2021.

Back in the 90s, the iconic children's TV presenter became famous not only for his outrageous behaviour but also his wild choppy blonde locks.

Therefore when the news struck that his former tresses could now have been upstaged by Gorilla's singer Damon, he couldn't resist taking to social media to get in on some of the action.

Pat, who is 59, simply posted on Twitter: "Err that's a c**p mullet!!!" But it triggered quite a big reaction on social media.

One person joked about the comparison, adding: "But he only has a 'Country House'. He's got nothing on your 'Fun House'."

Reminiscing over the TV star's iconic locks, another replied: "No mullet like a Pat Sharp mullet."

And a third posted: "A poor imitation."

But one Blur fan did take some sympathy on Damon and posted: "He's made a nice effort."

The mullet war could rival his battle of the bands with chart rivals Oasis in the 90s.

The weary-looking rocker, 52, was spotted sporting the new style as he stepped out to grab a coffee in trendy Notting Hill, West London.

And it is definitely a far cry from his clean-cut indie boy look during Blur's heyday.

With barbers and hairdressers alike closed in the UK's capital city due to Tier 4 government restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the singer may have opted to give his own locks a chop.

Since March this year, the band member has been hunkering down with his family at their farm in Devon.

Speaking about his home in the country, he told The Sun: "I took my family and my parents to live down there.

"I made that leap into the unknown where we're shielding the old."

Call it ironic but back in 1995, the same year that Blur entered the UK top ten with the hit Country House, the hitmaker decided to purchase the rural retreat.

He went on: "It's our family home really. It’s been a source of inspiration for me for much of my life, right next to the sea and I love it.

"So, having that option was really wonderful and obviously lockdown in rural Devon is very different to lockdown in a big city."

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