Elvis death: Linda Thompson unveils her secret tribute to The King at ‘sorrowful’ funeral

Elvis Presley: Linda Thompson recalls in 2019 calling Graceland

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Elvis Presley died of a heart attack on the toilet upstairs at Graceland on August 16, 1977, at just 42-years-old. The King was discovered in a frozen position on the floor of his private bathroom by his final girlfriend Ginger Alden.

Two days later, Elvis’ funeral took place in Memphis with 80,000 fans lining the streets. The King’s body had been lying in an open casket inside the mansion, with old girlfriends being flown in to pay their final respects. One of these was Linda Thompson, the star’s main lover from 1972-6 after divorcing Priscilla Presley

The Miss Tennessee model lived with him at Graceland for four and a half years before breaking up amiably around Christmas 1976, because she wanted a more normal life out of the celebrity limelight. That’s when he started dating Ginger.

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Now, 45 years on from Elvis’ funeral, Linda has shared her memories of those grief-stricken few days in Memphis, with pictures of her and others mourning.

The 72-year-old posted on Instagram: “Elvis‘s funeral took place on August 18, 1977. I had taken the first commercial flight out of LA that I could get after receiving the fateful phone call from Lisa Marie letting me know that her daddy was dead. It was a shock & a sorrow I will never forget, and one that lingers with the memory. The love from his faithful fans that still endures has a lifting power for which I am grateful. Elvis’s music, history, memory & legacy lives on….”

Linda then went on to share the secret way she honoured her old lover at his funeral.

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Linda continued: “PS – Elvis deeply believed that purple and all shades of it were the most powerful of all colors & emitted the highest vibration. I knew right away what dress I should wear to please him… For Elvis…Not everyone else…”

In the accompanying Instagram story, the 72-year-old wrote: “45 years ago today Elvis’ funeral was held and the sadness was visible on every face, especially mine.” She also posted a tribute to The King on the 45th anniversary of his death.

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Linda wrote: “As my heart holds you…Just one beat away…I cherish all you gave me every day…’Cause you are my forever love… Watching me from up above… And I believe… That angels breathe… And that love will live on and never leave…Fly me up TO WHERE YOU ARE… Beyond each distant star…I wish upon tonight…To see you smile…If only for awhile…To know you’re there… A breath away’s not far…TO WHERE YOU ARE…” – LT I wrote this lyric inspired by the closeness & deep love that Elvis and I shared…& the profound loss of his demise. Today I am remembering that once in a lifetime love… A great man…on this, the 45th anniversary of his passing. Thank you to all the wonderfully devoted fans from around the world who are keeping Elvis‘s beautiful memory alive as you hold him in your hearts…as I do in mine…”

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