EastEnders Danniella Westbrook left with hole in her head after Turkey surgery

Former EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook was left with hole in her head after her Turkey surgery nightmare.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate previously travelled abroad to undergo her fifth facial reconstruction surgery procedure

As part of her surgeries she had a surgical threat lift, which is a procedure to fixed past botched operations.

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But after she travelled to Portugal when her stitches burst, Danniella, 49, has been left utterly devastated by the result of her surgery as she spoke of her upset.

She told OK! Magazine: "I don’t know how it’s gone so wrong. I think it was a bit of miscommunication.

"I just wish I had never gone to Turkey to have it done. I will never have surgery abroad ever again. It wasn’t until I was washing my hair that I realised the stitches had come undone and I had an open wound."

She said she "literally has a hole on the side of my head" adding that she can "put a finger in the hole".

Danniella, who said she was terrified, added: "I went to a private hospital in Portugal to get it checked. They were shocked at the state I was in. But they’ve given me some antibiotics and have advised me to let it heal. It has been a living nightmare. I regret it so much. I just want to go back to England and see my family."

This comes after Danniella previously revealed she regrets going under the knife for her fifth facial reconstruction surgery after she had her operation take place in Turkey and described it as a “living nightmare”.

She had the surgical thread lift last month which is a procedure where temporary stitches are used to produce a “lift” and involves a fat transfer to try to correct past surgeries.

The star had put over 1,200 threads into her face, including 200 in her nose to try and straighten it, though she said it "hasn't worked".

She added: "I feel like I’ve wasted my time. The main thing I wanted doing was for my nose to be reconstructed.

"I’ve been waiting for nearly four years. So I’m going back to my surgeon in Liverpool to get my nose fixed. They’re going to rebuild all the bridge in my mouth and build up the front of my nose. I need to wait to heal first, but I’ll be getting it done when I can."

She also had fat harvesting where they took the fat out of her back, my sides and her stomach, and put it into her face to "make it more symmetrical."

Though Danniella has been left disappointed as she has now woken up without a six-pack due to the surgery.


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