DOI’s Rebekah Vardy attempts dangerous lift after slashing pro-partners face

Dancing on Ice 's Becky Vardy decided to opt for trainers instead of bladed boots as she rehearsed a dangerous lift ahead of the show.

The 38-year-old, who is married to Leicester City ace Jamie Vardy, put safety first after she'd accidentally slashed the face of her pro partner Andy Buchanan.

Not taking any chances after the "mishap", the pair took to a local park to practice another death defying lift away from the ice skating rink.

Last week, Andy took to his own social media account after he was left needing stitches after a flip didn't quite go to plan and Rebekah's boot slashed his face.

Explaining the training faux pas, Andy said: "Here we are in Nottingham, skating on a Monday.

"If you can see, we had a little mishap last Friday. We were doing a flip and I got a blade to the face, and erm, it was just a freak accident."

To which Rebekah interrupted: "And I'm very sorry."

Andy went on: "She did nothing wrong, she technically she did it very well."

"But you know stuff happens, it's just a wake up call that what we do is really dangerous.And, you just got to be careful.

"We had our show and tell this week and it went really well and it's traumatic when that happens but Becky bounced back and came in really ready to go."

He turned to his celebrity partner and added: "Thanks for being a great partner."

The football star's wife, has not only had her work cut out for her, on the ice but has also started legal proceedings against Coleen Rooney in a bid to claim damages for what was dubbed the Wagatha Christie scandal.

It comes after Wayne Rooney's missus claimed that Rebekah's Instagram account was responsible for leaking private stories about her.

The saga got so out of hand that the pair are now engrossed in a lengthy libel battle in court which saw both of their legal teams come head to head recently.

Although neither Coleen or Rebekah were present at the initial hearing, both arguments were presented to the court.

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