DaBaby Continues to Mourn Brother’s Death in New Song ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ – Hear Snippet

The ‘Rockstar’ hitmaker pays homage to his brother Glenn Johnson, who took his own life on November 3, in the new track set to be released in full on Friday, November 20.

AceShowbizDaBaby is using his music to pour out his emotions following the tragic passing of his brother Glenn Johnson. The Grammy Award-nominated artist is paying heartbreaking tribute to his late brother in his new track which is aptly titled “My Brother’s Keeper”.

On Wednesday, November 18, the 28-year-old star previewed the song with a 1-minute snippet shared on his Instagram page along with the cover art. The cover features a throwback image of him and Glenn as little boys. Young DaBaby was seen holding a sippy cup and his elder brother watched him from the couch while holding a bouncy ball.

“I’m my brother’s keeper and it’s been like that forever,” he begins in the snippet. “We can’t help the s**t we’ve seen, we had to live through that together/ All these demons on my soul, Lord I need help fighting these devils/ He play with me, he gotta go, go dig a grave and get a shovel.”

“Get a degree, I’ma help you get there,” Baby raps in the opening verse, recalling how their mother raised them. “Two jobs Mama working minimum wage, barely having welfare/ we was motivated by them pitiful days, we was raised the right way.”

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The Cleveland native also touches on their sibling fight as kids, “Do the wrong thing, we gеt whooped like a slave/ N***as gon’ go get a switch/ Though you was the oldest so you got it worst/ You was the oldest so you got it first/ I was the baby so I got it easy.”

He then expresses his feelings in the aftermath of Glenn’s shocking passing as he raps, “I been hurt, ain’t got no feelings since we lost you/ Feel like a prisoner of my mind, no one to talk to/ Never let depression go unchecked, that s**t’ll cost you/ Baby bro gon’ walk down on any n***a that crossed you/ Still in my feelings, that s**t been on my mind/ Need to see somethin’ die, I know who gon’ be my victim.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” is scheduled to be released in full this Friday, November 20. The tribute song will arrive nearly three weeks after his brother died in suicide by gunshot wound on November 3. Glenn reportedly shot himself in the head in a parking lot on Berkeley Place Drive off Mallard Creek Church Road in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Earlier in the day, Glenn posted a video in which he claimed that he had been wronged in the past. He was visibly upset and crying, while holding a firearm in a car in the video.

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