Chynna Phillips Hopes New Christian Channel Will Boost Flop Album Sale

Aside from talking about selling ‘One Reason’ copies, the singer wife of Billy Baldwin expresses her hope in revamping her stalled acting career with roles in films that have strong Christian message.

AceShowbizWilson Phillips star Chynna Phillips is planning to revisit a flop Christian pop album to help boost her new faith-based website.

“One Reason”, the singer’s 2009 collaboration with Vaughan Penn, sank without trace as soon as it was released, but she’s hoping an upcoming website linked to her successful California Preachin’ channel she launched last year (20) will help her sell the 5,000 copies she has in a backyard shed.

“(It sold) about four copies,” she tells the New York Post, revealing her new site will also offer fans California Preachin’ merchandise.

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The new channel, which features candid episodes about Chynna’s life, is filmed mostly in and around the California home she shares with husband Billy Baldwin and their family.

Chynna became a born-again Christian after spending time with Billy and Alec Baldwin‘s brother Stephen Baldwin and his wife Kennya – the parents of Justin Bieber‘s wife Hailey Baldwin – and she insists her faith has saved her, adding, “Jesus has rewritten my story. I could have had a really bad ending. But everyone has to take responsibility for themselves…”

“I felt my life was senseless when I was young. I went down some rabbit holes. I spent a lot of time at the Bodhi bookstore (in Los Angeles). I read Autobiography of a Soul. I was meditating, doing a lot of yoga, seeing a lot of psychics. I dabbled in Kabbalah.”

Phillips is now hoping to make everything in her life linked to her faith, telling the Post she would love to revamp her stalled acting career with roles in films which have a strong Christian message.

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