Burlesque cast now – drug addiction, secret cancer diagnosis and £105 wedding

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It's been 11 years since campy musical flick Burlesque premiered in 2010, with it still having an army of fans now.

Many of its stars went on to continue to enjoy great success in the industry, but many had to deal with difficult personal lives too.

With addiction to medication and a secret cancer battle, the Hollywood stars have just as much drama off-screen as they do in their movies.

It featured singing icon Cher, as well as pop star Christina Aguilera and Hollywood royalty Stanley Tucci.

So to celebrate the film's anniversary, Daily Star is taking a look at what its cast got up to next.

Christina Aguilera

Singing starlet Christina rose to fame in the early 2000s, was credited as an artist that revived teen pop music at that time and named as most successful female artist in 2003.

The pop princess has earned a number of awards due to her astounding career, including five Grammys and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, yet despite her successful career her love life has not been such smooth sailing.

Aguilera met Jordan Bratman in 2002 when she was just 21 years old and they were married three years later at a ceremony that reportedly cost $2million (£1.48m).

Christina told People in 2010: "At the time, it felt absolutely right. Jordan and I were best friends first, and then it grew to be more. He represented stability and love and safety — qualities I never got from a male figure growing up. I felt we could share the rest of our lives together."

Alas it was a marriage without the Hollywood ending as Aguilera and Bratman split in 2010, the year Burlesque was released. The pair have a son together.

Christina has been engaged to Matthew Rutler, who she met back in 2010 on the set of Burlesque, for seven years and they have a daughter together.

She spoke to E! In 2015 about their long engagement: "Our love is secure enough that we don't need a wedding to prove our love or commitment. We are enjoying our daughter, our family, and our work for now."


From humble beginnings as one half of the folk-rock husband and wife duo Sonny & Cher to dominating the charts and receiving worldwide recognition, Cher’s career shows no signs of stopping after her 60-year reign

Her dance anthem Believe became the biggest selling single of all time by a female artist in the UK and she began an acting career in the 2010s, starring in Burlesque and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

She has sold over 100million records and is crowned as one of the world’s best selling artists and is the only artist to have a number one single in six consecutive decades, from the 60s to the 2010s.

Even now, at the age of 75, Cher is enjoying huge success and went on a world tour that ran from 2018 to 2020, before Covid caused it to end early.

She still causes events to sell out even now, so it's unsurprising that she has an estimated net worth of $360million (£268m).

Cam Gigandet

Before his role as heartthrob Jack in Burlesque, Cam played ethereal vampire James in the Twilight series, Kevin Volchok in The OC and Micah in Easy A.

Since his collaboration with Aguilera on the 2010 film, Cam’s steady career has been on the rise, starring in western film The Magnificent Seven, legal drama series Reckless and Netflix thriller Dangerous Lies.

After his bad boy roles in Twilight and Burlesque, Gigandet seemed typecast as the typical troublemaker trope, but speaking to Women’s Health he said: “I've done it quite a bit. I was a villain in a movie called Never Back Down, which came out last year, and I was a bad guy on The OC. I love it. But of course I would love to play the hero with an edge!”

Kristen Bell

Kristen cherishes her role in Burlesque and told Parade: “I came to an acceptance with the sensuality in this film. There’s no nudity in it, but it’s definitely embracing female sensuality and the comedy and insecurity and passion that goes along with it.”

Kristen, narrator for Gossip Girl and voice of Princess Anna from Frozen, has since had a glittering acting career and has been married to her husband Dax Shepard since 2013.

Their wedding ceremony was delayed until same-sex marriage was legalised in California and famously cost only $142 (£105), with Kristen opting to wear an all-black ensemble to the understated affair.

Her husband opted for a commemorative tattoo instead of a ring, and had a small symbol of a bell etched onto his finger in its place.

Since then, she has spoke of her support of Dax, who has been sober since 2005.

In 2020, he revealed that he had relapsed with painkillers, but had achieved sobriety again by the September.

Stanley Tucci

Aside from his Burlesque appearance Tucci has starred alongside Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast and his fellow Burlesque co-star Cam Gigandet in Easy A.

Stanley’s first wife died of breast cancer in 2009 and in September 2021 he revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer three years prior, and had received treatment for the tumour he found underneath his tongue.

Tucci said: "It was too big to operate, so they had to do high-dose radiation and chemo. I'd vowed I'd never do anything like that, because my first wife died of cancer, and to watch her go through those treatments for years was horrible.

"[Cancer] makes you more afraid and less afraid at the same time. I feel much older than I did before I was sick. But you still want to get ahead and get things done."

Eric Dane

After multiple television appearances in the early 2000s including Charmed and Grey’s Anatomy, Dane landed the role of Marcus Gerber in Burlesque.

However a year later Dane was entered into a treatment centre for a dependency on prescription drugs for a sports injury.

He said" “I have had some experiences with getting mixed up in some wrong things. I’ve also had struggles with mental health and addiction.

"The only way out is through it. I don’t want to sound like a bumper sticker, but it’s true. A permanent solution to a temporary problem is never a good idea.”

Whilst struggling with personal demons, filming for The Last Ship was put on stand still in 2017 to allow Dane to deal with his depression and he currently stars in Euphoria, a HBO drama show about young people battling drug addiction, love and money problems.

Alan Cumming

Alan played ticket seller and comedy master Alexis but has made his mark on the theatre world starring in Hamlet, Bent and Endgame opposite Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

Alan has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and a Satellite Award.

His civil partnership with illustrator and graphic designer Grant Schaffer took place in 2007 and the perfect pair renewed their vows and officially tied the knot in 2012 when gay marriage was legalised in the United States.

In 2007 they released a statement: “As residents of America we would have loved to marry there, but we hope that soon the civil rights that we have been afforded in the UK will be available to all gay Americans, and we look forward to celebrating not only our marriage, but the end of prejudice."

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