Billy Strings Previews New Album ‘Home’ With Gripping Song ‘Taking Water’

It feels like forever since Billy Strings released his adventurous debut album Turmoil & Tinfoil in 2017, blending traditional bluegrass with a punk-rock mindset. On September 27th, he’ll release the follow-up to that LP, Home, his first release with Rounder Records. Ahead of the album, Strings is premiering the song “Taking Water,” a desperate declaration that something — a relationship, a community, even the nation — isn’t long for this world.

“This ol’ boat is taking water/it won’t be long till it goes down/had enough to push us over/time to turn the wheel around,” he sings in the chorus, offering at least a glimmer of hope that change can come.

Born in Michigan and now living in Nashville, Strings has become one of string music’s most dynamic young stars. Last month he wowed a Ryman Auditorium crowd with his mix of classic bluegrass and exploratory jam-folk, a sound that has endeared him to fans of both country music and rock. In May, he nodded to those influences with a cover of the Allman Brothers Band’s “Midnight Rider” with fellow phenom Marcus King at DelFest.

Strings is on the road throughout the summer, playing festivals like the Peach Music Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the inaugural Railbird in Lexington, Kentucky.

Home track list:

1. “Taking Water”
2. “Must Be Seven”
3. “Running”
4. “Away From the Mire”
5. “Home”
6 “Watch It Fall”
7. “Long Forgotten Dream”
8. “Highway Hypnosis”
9. “Enough to Leave”
10. “Hollow Heart”
11. “Love Like Me”
12″ Everything’s the Same”
13. “Guitar Peace”
14. “Freedom”

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