Billionaire business man Alan Sugar started his career in an unlikely place

Born into humble beginnings in the East End of London, Alan Sugar has grafted his way to billionaire status.

Famous for starring as the terrifying figurehead on The Apprentice, the stern business mogul has a long history of successful money-making ventures that stretch back for decades.

He's managed to make himself cash in the billions, accumulating wealth, influence and power through grit and determination.

Alan's been joined along the way by his close family, wife and children.

But how much is Alan Sugar actually worth and how did he start making money?

Here's everything you need to know as the Apprentice returns for another series…

What is Lord Alan Sugar's net worth?

Headspace Group reported that Lord Alan Sugar is worth a gigantic £1.3billion, making him the 121st-richest person in the UK as of 2020.

A self made billionaire, Alan's spell-binding business sense has made him one of the UK's most influential people.

Despite his massive wealth and fame, Alan continues to donate to charities in his childhood Borough of Hackney.

It's been reported that The Apprentice figurehead donated £3million to help refurbish the Hackney Empire in London.

It's also believed he sends his earnings from The Apprentice straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

How did Alan Sugar make his money?

The business mogul has earned his money through a string of successful business ventures and self-made opportunities.

Born into a normal working class family in London's East End, Alan started earning money in a greengrocers, before moving on to the civil service.

At 21 he developed a taste for money and started his own company — Amstrad — where he sold electrical items.

In 1984, he built up enough capital to distribute Amstrad's own personal computers. It was this that really put him on the map and by 1986 his company was worth a whopping £1.2billion.

Moving forward, Alan has kept his fingers firmly stuck in many financial pies.

He spent a decade-long stint as chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs in the 90s, before selling his stake for £47million.

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Arguably Alan's most profitable venture is his property group Amsprop, which sells commercial spaces. The company is reported to be worth a massive £800 current net worth.

Lord Alan Sugar's family

Alan Sugar grew up in a tight-nit family unit with one brother and two sisters, however he tragically lost his brother Derek and sister Daphne during the Covid pandemic.

He has described himself as close to his siblings, writing for the Mail Online: "while we all forged our own paths, we remained a close family and shared many happy times together."

Very much a family man, Alan Sugar has three grown up children with is wife and long-term partner.

Who is Alan Sugar's wife?

Alan Sugar has been married to his wife Ann Simons since April 28 1968.
Alan was just 18-years-old when he met his now-wife Ann, who was a 16-year-old hairdresser at the time.

"We grew up together, we prospered together," Alan said on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The pair have been inseparable ever since, with Ann crediting Alan's pragmatic nature.

"He was very straight-talking, I wasn't used to that type of thing but that's what I liked about him. Don't know why but I did!"

Who Alan Sugars famous niece?

Not many people realise that TV star Rita Simons is related to Alan Sugar.

The famous actress was a regular face on Eastenders from 2007 to 2017, playing the well-loved character Roxy Mitchell.

Rita is not a blood relative of Alan, however she is his niece from his wife Ann's side.

Talking to the Mirror in 2012, Rita explained that she has a great relationship with the scary entrepeneur, saying “[he's] much nicer in real life".

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