Artist of the Week: Kash Doll

The ‘Ice Me Out’ rapper is celebrating her sleeper hit as the single starts a dance craze on the internet and reaches the pinnacle on Billboard’s newly-launched chart.

AceShowbiz -Born and raised in Detroit, Kash Doll is no stranger to hard work. She started working at a young age to help her single mother and dropped out of college to work as a stripper. While hustling on the dance pole, she branched out to music and began earning money as a rapper.

Her hard work paid work. She is now taking off on the internet with her single “Ice Me Out”. A modern day interpretation of “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” the single is a sleeper hit. Originally released in August 2018, it has become a new fever on the internet for the past few months.

The song invaded TikTok and raked in millions of views with the most popular video from Charli D’Amelio amassing over 38 million views. Kash celebrated the dance craze as she laughed at the second most-popular video where a girl getting hit with a basketball while in the middle of dancing. “This what y’all doing on TiKTok to my records?” the femcee tweeted.

As the internet went ham with the song, “Ice Me out” made its entry on Billboard’s chart. The single ruled Top Triller, three weeks after the chart was launched. The rankings are based on the amount of views of videos containing respective songs, the level of engagement with those videos, and the total of videos uploaded featuring each song.

With over 1.1 million global plays, the song which was lifted off Kash Doll’s first studio album “Stacked” debuted at No. 7 on the Top Triller Global chart. “Thank you, Billboard and Triller Videos, that song has a mind of its own lol,” the rapper responded, poking fun at the fact that the song gained new steam two years after release.

Above of all, Kash Doll is proud of herself for carving her own path to success. “I love having my own money! I absolutely love building my empire from ground up on my own!! I’m so blessed!” she wrote on Twitter. To haters, she sent this message, “If they ain’t hating, I’m not doing something right! It make me work harder.”

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