Andrea Bocelli and his kids perform Christmas Day classic on BBC

Andrea Bocelli sings with his family on BBC Breakfast

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Over the past few months, Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli have been touring the world with their special festive album A Family Christmas. The Italian tenor’s 25-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter have been proving that they’ve certainly inherited their father’s singing talents. Now as Christmas Day dawns, the trio have performed one seasonal classic on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Joined by a guitarist, Andrea sat at a piano to play and sing the Spanish Christmas song Feliz Navidad, which is included on their new record. The 64-year-old was accompanied by Matteo and Virginia, singing alongside their father on the BBC segment.

The three also performed the track for a special short of The Simpsons, which is available to stream on Disney+. In the video, the cartoon family wake up on Christmas Day to find Homer has gotten Marge Andrea Bocelli himself as a present, before Matteo and Virginia show up to sing Feliz Navidad as a trio.

Andrea has shared a family Christmas photograph, which also includes his wife Veronica and other son Amos, alongside a festive message of hope.

Andrea said: “My children and I have sung the well-known carol Joy to the World many times over the last few weeks. Its opening lines sum up the revolutionary message at the heart of Christianity: ‘The Lord is come’. This is the true meaning of Holy Christmas, the beautiful good news that we celebrate today. Therefore, let us put our hearts into overcoming any and every obstacle, big or small. Let’s make sure to smile at one another, for a smile is a gift that lights up the soul. Let’s make room for gratitude, focusing on the miracle of life reborn and celebrating the love that makes it immortal.”–8ULkzKa-o

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Andrea signed off: “The Bocelli family wishes you a Merry Christmas, and may that seasonal feeling, the one we all known without giving it a name, take root today and sprout hope, serenity and faith every day.”

At first, the maestro admitted he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do another Christmas album. During a recent live stream, Andrea said: “Honestly at the beginning, I was not very convinced. I already did a Christmas album many years ago. But then I thought family is such an important thing… family in this period is in trouble, this is a beautiful opportunity and important message for everybody. Family for me has always been the most important thing. The opportunity to [work alongside] my family is a dream for me. Virginia’s voice is an angel’s voice and Matteo’s is a deep expressive voice and then unfortunately there is also my voice!”

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The Italian tenor said of the opportunity to work with his children on the A Family Christmas album: “I think there is nothing more beautiful than making music with your kids; I consider it a privilege.”

Meanwhile, Matteo added: “Singing these songs together, feeling the holiday warmth with my family is something really special. That’s what Christmas is about – making memories together to cherish forever. It’s really exciting to think that people will have a copy of our album sitting wrapped under the tree.”

A Family Christmas is out now.

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