ABBA Voyage new concert tickets going on sale – How to make sure you dont miss out

ABBA: New tour will be created from CGI characters of band

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At the start of September, ABBA finally confirmed all the rumours that they were reuniting to create a new album and groundbreaking new show. The ABBA Voyage show will open in London next May and fans flooded booking lines when the first block of tickets were released on September 7. Now the fabulous foursome has announced that hundreds of thousands of new tickets will be released.

ABBA Voyage Tickets are available here on Ticketmaster.

When do the new ABBA Voyage tickets go on sale?

Pre-sale tickets are exclusively available for Amazon UK customers who pre-order a physical format of the new ABBA Voyage album from 10am on Monday, November 1.

Priority booking is available for ABBA Voyage database subscribers from 10am on Tuesday, November 2.

General release tickets go on sale at 10am on Wednesday, November 3 from and Ticketmaster.

ABBA Voyage Tickets are available here on Ticketmaster.

What new dates are available for ABBA Voyage?

The first tickets went on sale for the initial months May-September 2022. The show officially opens on May 27, 2022.

When the new dates are released, fans will be able to book through to December 4, 2022.

How many new tickets will be available?

The new purpose-built ABBA Voyage concert venue in London can hold 3,000 people. There will be up to 30 shows per month.

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Where will the ABBA Voyage concerts take place?

A brand-new ABBA Arena is being constructed in Stratford, East London, next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Will ABBA perform live on stage?

The new concerts will feature digital recreations of the four band members Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida who will perform to the classics vocals of their greatest hits. There will also be new vocals for the first two songs recorded for the upcoming album, I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down.

The process involved weeks of filming in Stockholm. All four members of the band performed all the numbers that will be in the show and had their movements captured by cutting edge virtual reality technology that has featured in blockbusters like The Lord of The Rings films and the new Star Wars trilogy.

Benny said: “The only big problem was we had to shave our beards. After 40 years! Frida and Agnetha didn’t shave…”

Bjorn added: “We did motion capture in a studio that looks like NASA. We were there for five weeks in leotards with dots on our bodies and helmet and then the four of us were on stage doing these songs.” He joked: “We looked ridiculous.”


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