A Place in the Sun’s Danni parades ripped figure in string bikini on the beach

A Place in The Sun host Danni Menzies sent her fans wild as she posted photos of herself in a bikini last week in Corfu.

Taking a break from presenting the show, where she tries to pair difficult Brits with new properties in gorgeous locations, the channel 4 star stood on the beach with her arms outstretched, showing off her figure.

The skimpy tie-around bikini left little to the imagination as she stood in front of a stunning shoreline in an exotic location.

Letting her blonde hair fly in the wind, Danni wrote: "Sunday sizzle Bikini."

With 75 thousand followers it’s no surprise that many jumped into the comments to write about her looks, with one cheeky follower even proposing to her: “You don’t fancy getting married do you Danni?”

Fellow hosts Lee Juggurnauth and Jean Johansson also jumped into the comments to post flame emojis, with Lee cheekily saying “oi oi.”

Danni has previously distracted viewers with her figure and outfits as at the end of May she made headlines for a while skirt she wore in an episode of the show.

Travelling to Spain with couple Clover and Mark who wanted to spend £300k in a quiet village, Danni managed to find a number of suitable choices but it wasn’t the houses people were looking at.

Wearing a nude blouse, ankle books and a miniskirt, Danni had fans gushing on Twitter about her looks.

One comment said: "Blimey how tall is Danni, she looks amazing in that outfit! #aplaceinthesun,"

While another wrote: "Looking like an absolute goddess – the legs!"

Despite fan interest in the properties dwindling, she did manage to find a suitable home for the couple as Clover and Mark settled on a property for their exact set price after a bit of haggling.

Outside of the show and dazzling fans with her looks, Danni has worked hard to have an open discussion about mental health in public spaces.

Speaking on her own battle she said: “I had an accident and someone from my childhood passed away, I think the trauma of both those things had a knock-on effect."

Danni has spoken in more detail about her struggles with anxiety while first filming the show on her blog.

She writes: "If you think you can't do it pretend to be someone else."

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