You helped me move on from my colleague and get my career back on track

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I fell for my colleague, my ­emotions were a mess.

She liked me too, but she was married so I knew we couldn’t be together.

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I am 40 and a single man, while she is 42.

We both felt this insane chemistry, which made it hard to concentrate.

After a work drink, we ended up kissing, but she stopped it going further.

I wrote to you because I was starting to underperform at work as a result. All I could think about was being with her.

You gently told me I needed to be strong and distance myself from her, or I would end up wrecking my career.

You advised that I shouldn’t socialise with her outside work and suggested ways I could meet someone else who was available.

I took your guidance on board. ­Working from home helped, and time apart made my ­feelings less intense.

I have since met a few women online and have been on some dates.

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Although I do still have feelings for my colleague, I am much less confused and can do my job properly.

We have agreed to be friends. Thank you, Deidre.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Being friends does sound like the right thing.

I’m glad my advice helped clarify things.

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