Woman who tattooed 90% of body after attack looks so different in throwback pics

A trans woman who got tattoos to cover scars from a brutal university initiation has shared throwback photos of herself – and she used to be unrecognisable.

Nikki Chu almost died during the sick hazing ritual as a teenager where she was beaten and burnt.

She went on to cover 90% of her body in colourful ink to hide the scars before becoming a trans woman.

And she has now shared old photos that highlight her epic transformation.

Nikki – who transitioned from male to female three years ago aged 49 – told the Daily Star: “When I look at at old photographs I can’t believe that I sat or laid down on a tattoo chair for one year, a whole f*****g year.

“The sessions were three times a week for seven to eight hours and that’s long. And I survived that.”

The ink enthusiast initially got tattoos after a plastic surgeon warned that going under the knife would make her scars look even worse.

Nikki was inflicted the wounds by a group of nine men who beat her in exchange for a university fraternity membership in the Philippines.

She previously told the Daily Star: “In that ritual I almost died. They had an idea I wasn’t straight and I was dating a woman which made it worse for other men in the fraternity who liked her."

“I was punched and kicked over and over.

“They dropped a coin in charcoal until it turned red. They laid me down and dropped the coin onto my chest. It was just unbearable.

“The damage was very bad and my legs and thighs were split open. I needed dozens of stitches."

Nikki’s first tattoo was a phoenix on her chest and she now has a fully bodysuit symbolising the Yakuzas, a Japanese criminal organisation.

And describing her most agonising tattoo session, she said: “When I got my lower butt cheeks tattooed that was very painful.

”The lips too were bloody as well and with the ribcage is an area I too had a hard time with. That was quite painful too.”

Nikki is now 51 and is based in Switzerland.

And despite being comfortable with her transformation, she said strangers “look at you as a freak” when you have extreme tattoos.

She added: “It wasn’t easy transitioning from male to female when you are heavily tattooed like myself.”

Last year Nikki explained why she went ahead with feminisation surgery – including a face lift, chin implants, nose lift, liposuction and breast and bum implants.

She said: “I was a very happy gay man and I had a Filipino lover for 14 years.

“But one day I woke up, looked in the mirror, and I couldn’t recognise myself. My story is not your usual trans one where all her life she wanted to be a woman.

“I was comfortable but that day I thought this isn’t me.”

And she now wants people not to be so judgemental about the way she looks.

She added: “I just want people to understand that there’s nothing wrong with people like me."

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