Woman takes snaps of face before and after pregnancy – and is unrecognisable

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most wonderful moments in your life.

However, for some, pregnancies can be a nightmare with a host of debilitating symptoms.

Despite baby bump pictures looking perfect online – many people do not highlight the negative sides of expecting.

That was until soon to pop Savanna Lenfestey shared how dramatically her appearance changed after falling pregnant.

At 40 weeks, Savanna’s face has become swollen and bloated due to water retention caused by the change in hormones – and, she looks completely unrecognisable.

However, this phenomenon is all perfectly normal when expecting a child!

Sharing on TikTok, Savanna explained: “Can't wait to look like my normal self again.”

In the first part of the clip, taken before pregnancy, the mum-to-be's face looks slender.

Her cheeks and jawline appeared more chiselled as she posed for selfies with a face full of makeup.

Then, Savanna revealed what she looks like now that she is almost ready to give birth.

Savanna went make-up free to show how much her face has swollen.

She filmed the clip over an audio segment that urged: “Whatever I don’t give a f***, do I look like I give a f*** because I don’t.”

And why should she – either way Savanna looks great!

The TikToker isn't the only one to experience face bloating as a result of pregnancy.

After racking up 2.3 million views, hundreds of women also shared the same issue as Savanna and provided her with support in the comments.

One person commented: “Girl, my face swelled so much during my pregnancy too! It’s so normal and eventually goes back down with time.”

Another user related: “Girl. My nose got pregnant as well. I carried all three in my nose.”

Whilst a third person praised: “ You’re beautiful!! This is so normal for so many pregnancies. Just give it time love.”

Someone else voiced: “This is so true! But my plus side was that my lips got plump.”

As a fifth user remarked: “Our bodies change. Baby or not, we all get old. Every day is a blessing.”

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