Woman shrinks waist using 16inch corset daily – but side effect horrifies doctor

A chiropractor made a stunning discovery when a patient who complained of migraines revealed she was wearing a 16-inch corset.

Dr Alessandra Colón met visual artist Sarah Vaeth to offer advice and treatment over her long-term migraines, which she described as "ice pick headaches".

Sarah, as an extreme corset wearer, told the expert that she has been relying on a rescue medication since 2012 to relieve the pain.

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"I've also had tightness in my jaw and back, the migraines tend to come on with neck pain at the same time," she explained on TLC's new programme, Cracking Addicts.

But when Dr Colón asked if she had anything else to share, Sarah said she was in the process of pursuing a world record.

"I wear a corset, like a modern, steel-boned, waisting-training, cinching corset," she shared.

"I wear it probably 16 hours a day. At this point, the living record for the smallest corseted waist is 15 inches, and I am down to regularly wearing a comfortable 16 inches."

The revelation stunned the expert, who asked if Sarah could de-robe before she did any physio therapy on her.

Dr Colón wondered: "Where the hell are the organs?"

Then she said: "There's a big difference between a headache and a migraine.

"Often, chiropractic will be used for intervention with migraines for a lot of reasons, making sure that the blood flow is being restored, circulation is being restored."

Since the trailer of the episode went live online, Sarah spoke out to clarify that her migraines are not caused by wearing a corset.

She commented: "My migraines started in my early 20s. I tried on my first corset when I was 35.

"I don’t wear a corset when I have a migraine because the pressure exacerbates the pain.

"I am only able to wear a corset as often as I do because I’m currently on an effective combination of medications…but I don't love the medications because of the side effects.

"Intriguingly, after getting a chiropractic adjustment, I was able to go for over a month without using triptan [one of the prescribed medicine]."


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