Woman outraged as man dumps her after she gets pregnant – but he has good reason

Relationships can be tricky enough, without the complication of an unwanted pregnancy.

But what do you do if an accident happens?

One woman found out she was pregnant and turned to her boyfriend for support, but instead of working through the shock together, the man broke up with her on the spot.

The outraged woman attempted to take him to court over the issue, but she quickly discovered that he had a very good reason for walking out on her and the baby.

In a post on Reddit, the unnamed man reveals that he had a vasectomy years ago, but hadn't ever told his partner.

So when his girlfriend announced she was expecting a little bundle of joy, he instantly knew she'd been unfaithful and cut things off.

He explained: "So I got a vasectomy years ago. I am 29 and all of my relationships I've not mentioned it, simply acted like a normal 'not fixed' guy.

"Three relationships ago a girl I had been seeing got pregnant and I dumped her immediately. She tried to drag me to court but her lawyer gave up the moment I showed my medical records (lol, the look on her face was priceless)."

The man went on to say that the experience reinforced his belief that he was doing the right thing in not telling people he'd had the snip.

But he decided to ask his fellow users whether they agreed or if they thought he was an "a**hole" for hiding the truth.

Many were quick to say he was in the wrong as for some women the idea of not having children in the future would be a deal breaker, so he was wasting their time.

One person said: "You are the a**hole because they should know before they get too invested in you."

Another added: "Hiding the vasectomy feels like you're trying to 'catch' women somehow, while denying them agency over the choice to date someone who can't have children."

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