Woman films moment parents discover she has a stripper pole in her lounge

Influencer Kirby Johnson shared the the moment when her parents discovered that she had a stripper pole in her living room – and their reaction is brilliant.

Usually when a family member comes to visit, many attempt to be on their best behaviour to make it look like that their life is truly together.

Hiding dirty laundry and giving the hoover a quick whizz round.

However, influencer and dancer Kirby did not want to conceal the huge silver pole that is placed smack bang in the middle of her lounge when her parents visited.

Posting to her 441,000 TikTok followers under the username @kirby_j , Kirby shared the moment her mum and dad came across the pole for all to see.

She captioned the post: “When your parents come to visit and you have a pole in your living room.”

In the first clip, Kirby swings round the pole as her parents look on.

Unexpectedly, in the next clip the parents can be embracing the pole as they even have a go themselves.

Hilariously, the mum grabs hold of the pole and performs a s*** drop as she sports a huge grin.

Embracing their daughter's hobby, the pair then swing round the pole together.

Not wanting to feel left out, the dad then jumps on the pole, wraps his legs around and slides down it with perfect technique looking happy as anything as he does it.

Since being posted, the hilarious clip has now racked up 13 million views and 2.7 million likes.

Stunned at the parents' reaction, many people fled to the comments to praise their support and commitment.

One person commented: “Love how your parents are just as fun as you are.”

Another user added: “Dad is way too good.”

A third person noted: “The best part is that your mom genuinely looks so happy.”

Someone else said: “I wish my parents were this cool.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “They look so fun and supportive. I love them.”

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