Why Nicole Kidman’s hair is making serious waves in The Undoing

The first episode of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s new mini-series, The Undoing, has just been released on Now TV. But there’s only one thing that fans can’t stop talking about…

When I recently asked my colleague Lauren Geall for the lowdown on The Undoing, which she is doing weekly reviews of for Stylist, she instantly replied: “Nicole Kidman’s hair took up 99% of my attention. Literally, every scene I’m just like ‘The hair!’”

Of course, there’s a lot more going on in the tense new HBO mini-series, which follows the story of a woman whose world starts to disintegrate when her husband goes missing. But, after watching the first episode on Now TV, it quickly became clear that Kidman’s hair is the real star of the series.   

Although Kidman has naturally red and curly hair, she usually colours it blonde and wears it straight or wavy.

She is known to often use wigs when in character (think of Celeste’s thick fringe in Big Little Lies, Virginia Woolf’s mousey chignon in The Hours and Gretchen Carlson’s blow-dried bob in Bombshell). 

But in The Undoing, the actor’s hair is reminiscent of her hair in the early days of her career: red, curly, bouncy and, ultimately, magnificent. 

And in an interview with Australia’s Sunday Morning Herald, Kidman talked about embracing her natural style again, saying: “Do I wish that I hadn’t screwed up my hair by straightening it all the time? Sure.”

Fans are, understandably, showing some love on Twitter for Kidman’s hair in the hit new series. 

One Twitter user set the mood by sharing a photo of Kidman’s character, tweeting: “I’m already high on The Undoing because of Nicole Kidman’s wavy hair.”

“This is a Nicole Kidman’s hair in The Undoing (2020) fan account,” added another enthusiastic fan. 

“I would risk it all for Nicole Kidman with red hair,” joked another viewer (or at least we hope she’s joking).

One fan took things beyond the hair, adding: “All I know from watching the first episode of The Undoing is that I want Nicole Kidman’s hair, wardrobe and kitchen in this show.”

And this woman on Twitter spoke for us all, admitting: “Nicole Kidman’s hair will be my undoing. Too much.”

Weekly episodes of The Undoing will be released on Now TV on Mondays in the UK, and you can catch up with the first episode now. 

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