Who is GBBO winner Peter Sawkins

All hail the new baby-faced king of baking! Professor’s son Peter Sawkins, 20, from a close Christian family lives a wholesome life at university where he cooks for his friends, plays badminton and has been practising for the final since he was 12

  • Peter Sawkins, 20, became the youngest ever Great British Bake Off winner
  • Grew up in Edinburgh and now studies accounting and finance at the university
  • His father is a Deputy Principal at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh
  • His brother Andrew is his biggest fan and is studying at Imperial College London 

With his sweet nature and even sweeter bakes, Great British Bake Off’s Peter Sawkins won over the hearts of millions of fans before being crowned the 2020 champion in last night’s final.

The University of Edinburgh student, 20, became the show’s youngest ever winner – and first Scottish champion – when he beat Dave Friday and Laura Adlington by impressing the judges with his impeccable Cranachan Custard Slices, walnut whirls and a delightful Bonkers Bake Off Bubble Cake. 

But there were no wild celebrations for Peter, who was dubbed the ‘baby-faced assassin’ thanks to his fresh-faced looks and killer skills in the kitchen. 

Instead the avid badminton player, who is studying accounting and finance, watched the final alongside his university flatmates, marking the occasion with ‘a few beers’ and a dessert inspired by his winning showstopper.

Covid restrictions aside, everything we know about Peter suggests there wouldn’t have been a wild all-nighter, even if it had been allowed.

Raised in Edinburgh, Peter is the son of Professor John Sawkins, Deputy Principal of Learning and Teaching at the city’s Heriot-Watt University, and Morag Sawkins, thought to be the Postgraduate Finance Manager at the University of Edinburgh.

University of Edinburgh student Peter Sawkins, 20, became Great British Bake Off’s youngest ever winner when he beat Dave Friday and Laura Adlington in the hotly-anticipated final

Proud big brother Andrew Sawkins shared this childhood snap when it was announced Peter would be appearing on the show alongside a caption calling him an ‘absolute legend’

Close: Peter is the son of Professor John Sawkins, Deputy Principal of Learning and Teaching at the city’s Heriot-Watt University and Morag Sawkins, who is believed to be the Postgraduate Finance Manager at the University of Edinburgh. Pictured, Peter and Andrew with their parents

The couple married in Dundee in 1993 and celebrated their silver wedding anniversary two years ago with a replica of their original cake – made by Peter. A sweet photo marking the milestone was shared in the church newsletter. 

He has an older brother, Andrew, who recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Mathematics and is now studying for an M.sC. in Pure Mathematics at University College London. 

The siblings are extremely close, with Peter whipping up gluten-free recipes in the tent that he devised to cater to Andrew’s own intolerance. 

In turn, Andrew is his younger brother’s biggest fan. Taking to social media when the Great British Bake Off line-up was announced, Andrew posted: ‘BAKE OFF IS BACK!!! This might be the most exciting thing I’ve ever been able to post! My incredibly talented brohiem @peterbakes is going to be on THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF He is an absolute legend so please show him some love and support!’

Ahead of last night’s final Andrew drummed up support for his sibling. Asking followers ‘are you going to be watching the finals?’

Family album: Big brother Andrew shared this childhood snap on Instagram this year

Number one fan: Ahead of the final, Andrew shared this adorable photo of Peter as a toddler

Once the winner was announced, he declared: ‘I am the proudest big brother in the world!’ 

For his part, Peter keeps a relatively low profile on social media, preferring to let his posts focus on his mouth-watering bakes. 

Before going on the show, Peter shared snaps of his creations including a ‘Pomegranate Delice’, ‘(Not) Key Lime and Mango Pie’ and the playfully named ‘Bubbly Bertha’s Sourdough Rye’.

Photos from the Bake Off tent and publicity photos have made their way onto his account in recent weeks, but it remains to be seen if the prince of pastry will offer his 98,300 followers a glimpse into his private life now that he is a TV star. 

Close: Brothers Peter and Andrew on a family holiday to Tenerife two years ago

Fresh-faced: Andrew shared this photo on Instagram, taken a few years ago

Summer sun: The brothers pose in a photo taken on a family holiday in 2018

Celebration! The University of Edinburgh Badminton Club shared this photo after the win

When he’s not busy baking, Peter enjoys playing badminton and is a member of the Edinburgh University Badminton Club. Celebrating the player’s success, the official Instagram account posted yesterday: ‘Jeepers creepers crikey blimey ho. He has just gone and done it.’

The athletic flair runs in the family, with Morag, John, Andrew and Peter competing in a rely marathon last year and Andrew is a competitive swimmer.

This year, after eight years of watching Great British Bake Off, Peter was given a spot on the show and impressed the judges and viewers alike. 

Reflecting on the show, he said: ‘I think Bake Off has changed my life. It is the most intense and challenging experience of my life, so I think I have learned a lot and have grown up whilst being in the bake off bubble.’

The newly-crowned Bake Off champion must surely have his eyes set on the future, knowing that previous winners have gone on to secure book deals and TV contracts.

Everyone will be eagerly watching to see what’s next for the ‘baby faced assassin’.   

Excited: A friend shared this photo of Peter baking at home ahead of the final 

Andrew shared this Instagram post to drum up support for Peter before the final  

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