Way To Prison? It looks Like Rapper Tory Lanez Might Be Headed Behind Bars After Criminal Charges

It looks like Brampton rapper Tory Lanez’s career could be headed for a setback. The Grammy-winning songwriter could be headed to jail for allegedly shooting fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion in the foot last year.

The Canadian rapper has been in hot water ever since last summer when Stallion publicly came out and claimed Lanez was the gunman who shot her in the foot following a July 12 pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

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According to TMZ, Megan originally told cops that she had cut her foot on glass, but after revealing the truth, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced felony assault and gun charges against Lanez.

Lanez’s career has suffered setbacks as a result of the incident. The rapper attempted to defend himself with his 2020 album, Daystar, but many critics refused to review it. The album became the lowest debut of his career.

Lanez called out digital streaming platforms for intentionally blacklisting his content despite fans’ eagerness to hear it. The singer argued that he made the platforms money, and it should not be their right to censor and silence him from editorial playlists or the home pages of the services.

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The rapper has been determined to find a hustle and has found success with the release of his first NFT-based album, When It’s Dark, which was released on August 10. All 1 million available copies of the album sold out in 60 seconds.

After banking in millions on his NFT related ventures, Lanez donated $50,0000 to help dozens of California families post bail for their loved ones. Lanez was ordered to pay additional bail himself this summer after violating Megan Thee Stallion’s restraining order.

On Wednesday, Lanez wiped his social media accounts and tweeted “it’s been real,” with many wondering if this meant he was going to jail. The rapper used the attention he received to announce the name and of his upcoming album.

Still, the artist and NFT enthusiast might have his career cut short as he is facing up to 22 years in prison if convicted of the assault charge. Any conviction would undoubtedly pause his music career and place his NFT ambitions on hold. But until then, the Canadian artist, worth $6 million, is doing what he has been doing all year, making millions off of his fans.

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