Virgin train ‘stranded with no aircon’ as passengers ‘collapse in 40C carriages’

A Virgin train has been stranded for three hours without air conditioning as passengers collapse in 40C 'baking' carriages, according to reports.

Travellers who are on a train a short distance outside of London Euston have described 'manic' scenes with people fainting from the heat and calls for medical assistance.

One passenger, Pete Smith, said he'd checked the temperature inside a carriage of the train headed for Manchester and claims he recorded 40C.

He described it as 'like a sauna' and an 'absolute joke,' adding "no word of a lie it is dangerous now. They won’t move and won’t let us get off."

Pete Smith, on his way to Manchester for a funeral tomorrow, spoke of 'people collapsing'.

The 44-year-old told "We have been sat on a broken down train for three hours.

"It's 40C on the train. I have checked.

"We saw one woman collapse. She had people looking after her.

"There was shouting down the train 'does anyone have medical training' and some people did come forward.

"It's manic.

"They are evacuating the train onto another train, but on the other there's no air con either.

"There have been a couple of announcements saying that the line is down. "

He continued: "Everybody looks like they have had a shower. It's baking. It's dripping wet.

"They have given some free water but they are not letting us off the train.

"I’m not kidding when I say it is dangerous."

He later said two more people had fainted.

Pete tweeted about the ordeal and Virgin Trains replied saying: "Really sorry to hear this. Have you been able to speak with the Train Manager about the temperature onboard as they may be able to adjust this?

"Also with regards to the delay just to let you know that if you are delayed arriving into your destination station by 30 minutes or more behind schedule you will be able to claim for Delay Repay compensation."

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