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PEOPLE who contract Covid have been warned to look out for a nasty side effect.

Millions have already had the bug and the majority of Brits also have protection due to the huge vaccine rollout.

The current strain in circulation, Omicron, has been proven to be milder than others that came before it, such as Delta and Alpha.

Because of this, the majority that catch the bug, have reported symptoms similar to a cold.

However, one expert has urged people who catch the bug to 'take it easy'.

Professor Danny Altmann, of Imperial College London said continuing normal life when you have the illness could increase your risk of Long Covid.

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This is the chronic condition which has struck many Brits, and refers to illness such as fatigue, loss of smell, dizziness and depression and anxiety.

The guru said that even young people and those who are fit and healthy could feel the impact if they don't take a step back.

"Powering through when you’ve got Covid appears to give you a notably higher risk of getting long Covid.

"Take as much time off as you possibly can if you’re still testing positive.

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"Any idea that it’s like a cold and in 48 hours you’re ‘good to go’ is wrong. If it was me, I just wouldn’t dare," he told i News.

However, unlike previous waves, there are currently no restrictions on Brits if they come down with coronavirus.

If you catch the bug, you are advised to isolate for five days.

But this isn't always possible, as many people are unable to work from home and cannot afford to take five days off work unpaid.

In his new book The Long Covid Handbook, Prof Altmann also advises against relying on lateral flow tests.

These are no longer free to the majority of people in the UK – making it hard to know whether or not you have Covid.

However, the expert said that the tests aren't as accurate when it comes to Omicron.


He said because of this, if you have symptoms of Covid, you should just take it easy.

It's key to note that Prof Altmann's advice isn't based on one particular scientific study.

However, he has published papers in various journals such as the Lancet and the British Medical Journal.

Other experts have also previously said that rest is key when it comes to the bug.

Post-Covid rehabilitation specialist at the University of Washington Dr Janna Friedly told Time: "Rest is incredibly important to give your body and your immune system a chance to fight off the acute infection.

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"People are sort of fighting through it and thinking it’ll go away in a few days and they’ll get better, and that doesn’t really work with Covid.”

Dr Friedly said anyone with the bug should stay away from high intensity exercise for at least two weeks and to avoid pushing through tiredness.

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