Tx. Parents Have 'Amazing' Reunion with Newborn Quadruplets After Winter Storm Keeps Them Apart

A mother and father in Texas who had been separated from their newborn quadruplets for over a week due to winter storm Uri finally got to reunite with their babies.

Starlyn and Bill Cafferata welcomed son Enzo and daughters Lennon, Francesca and Stella on Jan. 18, about a month before the unprecedented winter weather hit their home state, Good Morning America reported.

Little did the parents know, the winter storm would ultimately wreak havoc on Texas, killing at least 40 people, leaving millions more without power and water and causing dangerous travel conditions.

Like many residents, the Cafferatas found themselves stranded at home, unable to visit their newborns who were staying in St. David's Women's Center of Texas' neonatal intensive care unit, according to GMA.

"I felt so helpless and guilty," Starlyn admitted to the outlet.

But after eight long days apart, road conditions became safe enough to travel and Starlyn and Bill — who are also parents to 2-year-old daughter, Zoë — finally got to see their little ones.

"The reunion felt amazing," Starlyn told GMA.

Long before the babies made their arrival, Starlyn and Bill struggled with infertility, GMA reported.

Once Starlyn became pregnant with quadruplets, the couple started documenting their journey on TikTok and Instagram under the name CaffSquad.

Over time, their fan base has grown and the parents now have over 43,000 followers on Instagram and another 478,000 on TikTok.

Even after the babies were born and placed in the NICU, the Cafferatas continued to document their parenthood experiences and upload photos of their little ones to the platforms.

But then the winter storm hit, and they couldn't see their newborns for days.

On Feb. 21, the couple posted a video of themselves heading to the hospital, with Starlyn writing in the caption, "This is the pure joy you feel when you get to see your babies after 8 days because of a freak Texas ice/snow storm! ❄️ This video is a few days old now but this storm was no joke! The roads were completely undriveable for over a week."

The clip eventually went viral, with thousands of people commenting and liking it.

"We are incredibly blessed that people care about our babies and are invested like we are," Starlyn told GMA of the unexpected viral moment.

In the time since that day, Francesca and Lennon have gone home, according to a video on the couple's Instagram. Stella and Enzo are still in the NICU but are expected to go home soon, GMA reported.

As for big sister, Zoë? Starlyn and Bill said on Instagram that she's "so in love" with her younger siblings.

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