Two-year-old loves wearing hard hat and moving bricks around to help builder dad

Meet Isaac, the toddler who love joining his builder dad on site and lending a helping hand.

The two-year-old is learning all about the job from dad James, 29, who set up his own business last year.

Isaac makes regular trips to the sites where his dad works in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Mum Abigail Bonham-Face said: ‘He always loves to get involved with whatever he sees adults doing.

‘He loves drills and anything construction based with his dad, he is no stranger to a tool or two, and he loves diggers.

‘The other day he picked up a tape measure and measured everything he could find.

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‘It’s so cute and loves nothing more than to play in his dad’s van.

‘He’s even been to the construction site with James sometimes when we struggled to get any childcare and he loved it.’

His proud parents say Isaac has been interested in helping out his dad ever since he started walking.

He was filmed moving bricks around when he was just 18 months old.

Abigail said: ‘Isaac was watching his dad unload the van through the window when he marched over to me, shoes in hand, wanting to go and join him outside.

‘He wasn’t happy stood on the side lines, he insisted on getting involved.

‘Isaac actually moved 27 bricks and when he’d finished, he started trying to load them back on to the van because he didn’t want to stop.

‘James recently fitted a new kitchen extension on our neighbour’s house and Isaac couldn’t resist helping out. He walked around with a little broom the whole day sweeping up, and tried to get involved.’

And it’s not just on the building site that Isaac likes to help out.

Abigail said: ‘He does not sit still. He has a hand held hoover that he likes to play with while I’m cleaning.’

A clip of the tot’s efforts in the workplace earned a whopping 14,000 views in just 20 minutes after James posted it on TikTok.

Abigail said: ‘He may one day grow out of his love for construction and that will be fine but for the moment it’s wonderful to see share this with his dad.

‘Starting his own business has meant James has worked a lot of hours and a lot of weekends in the last two years, so it’s wonderful to see they have this amazing bond and Isaac wants to be just like his dad.

‘When Isaac first started talking his first words were; mummy, daddy, van, doggy, drill and digger, in that order.’

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