Trump Lights Up Twitter as He Technically Concedes Election Even as He Says He 'Concedes Nothing'

Twitter calls him on a technicality after the president begins a tweet with the words “He won…”

Donald Trump may not be conceding the election, but that didn’t stop him from technically conceding the election — at least in the eyes of many on Twitter.

After an early-morning tweet on Sunday that Trump began with the words “He won…” Twitter immediately got those two words tweeting, along with #TrumpConceded. OF course, that’s not exactly what was happening.

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He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump tweeted, which many took as an admission that Trump is at least acknowledging the results of the election, even if he isn’t ready to accept them.

Within a couple of hours of that initial tweet, during which the president was retweeting all kind of articles about his various legal efforts to contest the election, the president may have gotten word of what was going viral on social media.

First he tweeted, “RIGGED ELECTION. WE WILL WIN!” suggesting that he has certainly not accepted that the election is over. And then, maybe seeing #TrumpConceded going wild in trending topics, he felt the need to counter that one directly.

Trump said explicitly that Biden “only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” adding very directly, “I concede NOTHING!”

But it didn’t matter what he was saying now because Twitter had already seen what he said then, and as far as they were concerned this was the president finally facing the inevitable.

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And it is certainly the closest to a concession the American people have seen from the Trump camp, even if it came in the middle of a cry that the election was rigged and unfair.

Within just a few hours of that initial post, #TrumpConceded was trending at number one on Twitter, with “HE WON” following closely at number three, followed by a call to the platform to “Deactivate” the president at number four.

While this is by no means an official concession by Trump, you can still check out how Twitter is reacting to what may be the closest we’ll ever see to one:

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