Trucker fends off a venomous snake at 70 mph on busy highway

Only in Australia.

In a scenario too outlandish for an Indiana Jones movie, an Aussie trucker successfully fought off a highly venomous serpent while traveling at 70 miles per hour along a busy highway.

“It was pretty bloody terrifying,” said the Queensland native, named Jimmy, of his high-speed herpetological entanglement on June 15.

Police in Queensland had stopped Jimmy, 27, because they thought he was speeding, reports Sky News. However, the terrified trucker explained to the cops that he was using a knife and seatbelt to fend off an eastern brown snake, which had infiltrated the driver’s cab and started to wrap around him.

While Jimmy’s story sounded far-fetched, the cops “soon realized this was not just another colorful tale and promptly sought medical assistance,” per a statement by the Queensland police. Indeed, bodycam footage shows the serpent coiled in the back of his vehicle.

Fortunately, Jimmy escaped the ordeal without getting bitten, and police decided not to fine him for speeding.

“I’ve never been so happy to see red-and-blue lights,” quips the grateful trucker about getting inadvertently rescued by the cops.

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