This 108-year-old’s secret to a long life is popping bubbly

This effervescent centenarian still likes her bubbles.

Dorothy Flowers, who turned 108 on Oct. 22, credits her century-plus longevity to tippling Champagne, according to her caretaker.

“It’s the only thing we ever see her finish a glass of,” Helene Ballinger, resident manager of Southlands Care Home in Harrogate, England, tells SWNS. “Needless to say, we’ve been toasting her birthday.”

Flowers can no longer speak, but that doesn’t keep her from hanging out with the nursing home staff every day — something that also surely boosts her morale.

“Dorothy loves company, so she’ll sit with us at the reception desk each day,” adds Ballinger. “She’s such a regular that she’s got her own drawer, which we keep full of chocolate buttons.”

Another secret to living nearly 11 decades? Following horse races.

In the early 1940s, Flowers, an accountant, married another accountant named Leonard. Together, they worked for Britain’s Racehorse Betting Control Board, also known as the Tote. During World War II, horse racing was one of the few sports that wasn’t suspended, and the couple moved to London to follow the events.

After the war ended, they moved to New Malden, a suburb of London, then to the resort town of Torbay on England’s southern coast.

They had no children but enjoyed nearly 40 married years together until Leonard died in 1981.

More than 650 cards came in from around the world for Flowers’ birthday last month — from America, to Thailand and Australia. Beyond the letters, some sent gin, and not surprisingly, multiple bottles of Champagne.

For Flowers’ niece, Judith Barrett, the cards were a pleasant surprise.

“While she’s very independent, she’s always been happiest when surrounded by others, and the cards have made her feel very loved,” she said.

“While she’s not able to speak any more, the smile on her face said it all.”

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