These Marvel Insiders Want One More Captain America Movie

As was expected, Captain America’s (Chris Evans) story came to a fitting end in Marvel’s latest superhero ensemble, Avengers: Endgame. While the movie made it very clear that Steve Rodgers’ journey is over, there are many fans who would like to see Evans reprise the part in at least one more solo film — and they are not alone. In a recent interview, directors Joe and Anthony Russo admitted that they would love the opportunity to tell one more story featuring Captain America.

The end of Captain America as we know it

Steve Rodgers’ story came full circle in the final scenes of Endgame. After going back in time to put the infinity stones back in place, Rodgers decided to remain in the past and enjoy the romance with Peggy Carter that he always wanted.

When Rodgers finally reunites with his superhero counterparts, heis an old man well beyond his fighting days. He then hands over his iconicshield to Falcon (Anthony Mackie), who is presumably the new Captain America.

The story was clearly meant to be an end to Captain America, atleast the Steve Rodgers version of the character. Yet the Russo brothers haveconfessed that they would love to do a movie about what Captain America didwhen he travelled back in time. According to WeGot This Covered, this potential storyline could offer a way to bringback Evans for one last hurrah.

“But what’s interesting about it, and savvy people may cometo ask is: how is old Cap is in this timeline at the end of the movie?” “Thatis an interesting story, isn’t it?” Joe shared, while Anthony added,“That could be a story for another time…”

What about Captain America’s strange timeline?

Based on how Endgame explains time travel, Captain America going back in time and staying there should have created a new timeline because he is changing something about the past. This is why some fans were confused by how Captain America just shows up in the original timeline at the end of the movie.

Unfortunately, the Russo brothers did not clear up how thathappened, but they did tease that answers will be forthcoming.

That could mean that the Russo brothers are working on astand-alone movie for Captain America or that the answers will be revealed in adifferent MCU film. Marvel has not confirmed that any more Captain Americafilms are in the works, though it is pretty clear that the Russo brothers wouldlike the chance to bring Evans back for another story. Here’s to hoping theymake it happen in the near future.

Fan theories about Peggy’s funeral

Steve Rodgers traveling back in time has sparked a number of different fan theories about the character. A new one argues that old Captain America was actually featured in a scene from Captain America: Civil War.

In the film, Steve is shown carrying Peggy’s casket during her funeral. The scene is an emotional one for Steve, but one fan noticed that another pallbearer looks like the actor who played Steve as an old man.

The actor has his back turned on the camera, so we cannot say forsure if it is the same person. If it is Steve, then that means there were twoCaptain Americas at the funeral, though that would mess with everything theRusso brothers have said about time travel. After all, Steve’s decision to stayin the past created a new timeline, making it impossible for him and young Capto show up at the same funeral.

Anthony Mackie opens up about new Captain America role

Until we learn more, it is safe to assume that the next time wesee Captain America, Anthony Mackie will be portraying the character. In arecent interview, Mackie opened up about filling Evans’ shoes and revealed thathe didn’t know about Falcon’s fate until Evans showed him the script. Needlessto say, Mackie is super excited about playing the iconic superhero and wecannot wait to see him in action.

Mackie is set to appear alongside Sebastian Stan in Falcon& Winter Soldier, a television show that is expected to premiere onDisney+ later this year. Marvel has yet to announce when Mackie will portrayCaptain America on the big screens.

The next Marvel movie to his theaters will be Spider-Man: FarFrom Home, which opens on July 2.

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