The most stressful tube line in London has been revealed, and it’s going to divide the office

A new study has revealed the most stressful tube lines in London, and the results are sure to divide the office.

Ask anyone who has lived or worked in London what their least favourite tube line is and they’re sure to have an opinion. Ranting about the underground has become a city-wide sport at this point: whether you’re sick of sweltering on the Central Line or refuse to spend another commute being deafened by the sound of the Northern Line, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not alone.

So, when we heard that the results of a new study had revealed London’s most stressful tube lines and underground stations, we were seriously intrigued.

The research, conducted by Beeja Meditation, scored the lines out of 10 in a number of categories including the amount of customer hours lost due to disruptions of two minutes or more, the line’s average temperature and the average excess journey time obtained from TfL data from 2017-18. They then used a weighted ranking to find out which of the lines are the most stressful.

The results – which are sure to divide offices across the city – were as follows. Coming in as the most stressful line was the Central Line, scoring 73.93 out of 100 on the stressful scale thanks to its number one position when it came to the most lost customer hours (426,400) and the most delays of more than 15 minutes (180). The line also came in second place for its average temperature of 26.35 degrees Celsius, a measurement only beaten by the Bakerloo Line’s average of 27.32 degrees Celsius.

Coming in second place was the Piccadilly Line, followed by the District and Northern Lines. The Waterloo & City Line came in as the least stressful of the 10 underground lines – but it also scored lowest for the number of completed passenger journeys, with only 17m people using the line in 2018. 

Everyone has their opinion on what line is the most stressful (after all, isn’t any tube journey a less than positive experience when you’ve got your face pushed up against some warm, slightly moist armpit?) but it’s interesting to see the facts laid out on the table.

However, as if that wasn’t divisive enough, the survey didn’t stop there, also revealing the most stressful tube stations across the city.

According to the leader board of the most stressful locations, which rated the stations for the number of people entering and exciting the station and the total number of delayed minutes, King’s Cross St. Pancras is the most stressful stop on the tube network, with Stratford and Waterloo coming in close second. 

When I read these names out in the Stylist office, however, there were a lot of opinions about King’s Cross St. Pancras taking the top spot, as cries of “Where is Bank?” and “No way is Green Park not on there!” echoed around the room.

I’ll just say this: if this survey has proved anything, it’s that tube travel – and the ways in which we navigate the network – is an intensely personal experience. Yes, the numbers may go so far in telling us what to expect, but as every Londoner knows, each station and line has it’s own distinct charm – and we’ll continue to hate our least favourite parts of the network with the enthusiasm they deserve. 

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