The Most Expensive Vacation Destinations That Celebrities Love

There are words that are synonomous with “vacation” such as relaxing, fun, enjoyable, and exciting. But there’s another word that is usually attached as well and that’s expensive. But vacations were meant to be expensive – a rare treat that we can look forward to after six months to a year’s worth of hard work, typically. Whether it’s a trip meant to set the reset button and decompress or a time to have fun and make a ton of memories with loved ones, vacations are precious to us.

However, celebrities take vacations to another level. Money is no object and only the finest memory-making experiences will do. While most of us may fork out a house payment to take a vacation, celebrities think nothing of dropping the price of a house for a trip. We’ve discovered five of the priciest “reset buttons” along with the celebs who adore them.

Pack a bag and let’s dive right in!

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The Disney VIP Experience – (Starting At $29,750 For A Week)

Celebs like Hilary Duff, Busy Philips, Russell Wilson, Brandy, Serena Williams, and Shakira enjoy donning mouse ears in luxury – meaning a VIP experience with a guide. Services such as MickeyTravels, a Disney vacation-planning company founded by couple Greg and Elyssa Antonelle in 2011. When the venture began, they never thought they would be working with mega rich clients but the company eventually grew to include 250 travel agents and along with the growth, came a list of connections to the entertainment and pro sports industry.

About one third of the Antonelle’s clients request deluxe luxury Disney experiences. This request involves VIP tour guides whose services run the price of $850 per hour. If that sounds do-able, consider the seven-hour minimum bringing the price to around $4,550 to slightly under $6,000. While this price does usually include upwards to ten guests, it is strictly for the guide meaning that park admission, food for the day, and hotel stays are not included. It’s also not uncommon for VIP guests to require the service of a guide for a whole week may cost a minimum price of $29,750. This number may not seem like much compared to others on this list but consider that this is the minimum cost for a week. Imaginem how quickly the total price of the vacation can climb when stays at the finest hotels, park admissions, and other luxuries are added on. We’re also willing to bet that if someone can afford these fees, they can also afford membership into the famed Club 33.

The Hamptons, New York – $100,000 For Two Weeks

Venus Williams, Brooke Shields, and Jimmy Fallon all love to call The Hamptons their vacation spot away from home. So do Bill and Hillary Clinton, who with a combined net worth of $125 million, decided to drop a cool hundred thousand to rent a four-bedroom house in Amagansett, New York for two weeks. The couple was joined by their only child, daughter Chelsea, son-in-law Marc and granddaughter Charlotte and turned the stay into a family vacation.

Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida – $200,000 Per Membership

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is not a tourist destination that just anyone can come by and drop in for a stay even if they’ve got mega bucks in the bank. Mar-a-Lago hopefuls don’t just need an invite, they require a membership. There’s a list of celebrity clients such as Janet Weiner, part owner and CFO of Rockstar Energy Drink and James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks and executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company and Beth Stern, actress, model, and wife of radio personality Howard Stern and bestselling author James Patterson who all are card-carrying members of the Mar-a-Lago club. We’re not exactly sure how the memberships work but we do know that members are also expected to pay an extra $14,000 in annual dues plus tax on top of their membership fees.

Baker’s Bay, Bahamas – $443,000

During the Kimye era, the couple decided to spend Kanye’s birthday in Baker’s Bay. Ever been to Baker’s Bay? Likely not because a massive amount of funds is only one requirement to enjoy this ultra-luxurious vacation. It also requires an invitation which is strictly held for celebrities. To begin, they arrived at the island by private jet. Baker’s Bay offered jet-skiing, boating, and tons of luxurious relaxing. To get the most of the $443,000 price tag, all the free Casamigos tequila the couple could drink was tossed in, courtesy of the third owner of Clooney’s tequila brand, Mike Meldman. Many other celebrities such as Lance Armstrong, Martha Stewart, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lawrence have also set foot on this exclusive island – with proper invite only, of course.

Seychelles – $475,000

If there’s an island destination on the Indian Ocean that celebrities adore, it’s Seychelles. With crystalline waters, powdery sand beaches, and abundant waterfalls, it’s the picture-perfect vacation spot. The island caters to tourists seeking privacy so it really makes it an ideal getaway spot for celebs. Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich decided to honeymoon in Seychelles and it set them back $475,000. They may have gotten the idea from Prince William and Kate Middleton who chose to honeymoon there as well. You don’t have to be one half of a couple to enjoy Seychelles. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney, and Elizabeth Hurley have all enjoyed the beautiful island.

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