Tattooed student brutally trolled after flaunting eyeball inkings at graduation

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A woman who was forced to have an exorcism due to her “demonic” tattoos has shared a snap of herself in her graduation gown – complete with black eyeballs.

DeeDee Villegas, from Cebu, Philippines, is covered in inkings that took hundreds of hours to complete.

The post-graduate, who has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of San Carlos, first got a tribal tattoo with no special significance, but became addicted after realising the historical significance of skin designs.

She’s spent more than £20,000 on tattoos – and even has had scleral ink. That’s when tattoo ink is injected into one of the layers of the eyeball to colour them.

Other ink obsessives have revealed the dangerous body modification made them blind.

But DeeDee recently shared a photo from her graduation to explain why she chooses to celebrate her individuality with the intricate designs.

The TikToker, who has millions of followers on her @thedeedeevillegas page, said: “2019. I graduated, Magna Cum Laude…

“I remember posting my graduation photo three years ago. It went viral and gained both support and negative connotations from people.

“I had two sets of photoshoot for that lifetime event – one with my tattoos and the other had me wearing makeup to conceal my face tattoos (for yearbook purposes).

“I am thankful to an online friend for editing this photo with my eyeball tattoos. You see, I had all my face and body tattoos in 2019 but not my eyeball inks.

“I deleted my post way back as it came to a point that extremists were attacking my alma matter, my family and my friends.”

DeeDee decided to turn her trolling experience into a positive – and is determined to use her platform to inspire others.

She said: "As I was blessed with an unexpected online platform, I told myself that I should be the voice for ‘those who cannot’ , for ‘those who are afraid to’, and for ‘those who don't know how to’ MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD.

"I want to remind everybody that life isn't a race, but rather a journey at your own pace.

"Always remember that YOU are in control of your life . Thus, people's effort to throw negativity at you doesn't hold value at all..

"And lastly, don't do things to ‘prove people wrong’… do things for YOU.”

DeeDee previously stated that she underwent an exorcism on public transport by a priest.

She has advocated against “tattoo discrimination” because of how people treat her.

DeeDee said in 2018: “In the Philippines, it is a challenge still, I am to this day regularly verbally abused on the street.

“However, there is a change noticeable, there are careers that the heavily modified can apply for and thrive in.

"There was a time when you would not get a face-to-face interview with a visible tattoo and that has changed."

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