Tattoo addicts on how people react to their ink – from staring to insults

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Tattoo obsessives who love painful body modification procedures have opened up about how they’re treated in public.

The taboo against body art has been slowly falling away over the last few decades.

But, some negative attitudes still crop up when it comes to more extreme looks.

Many people are particularly against facial tattoo, large inkings and body modification.

But, mum Sharai, 30, a cosmetologist isn’t phased by haters online and told the Daily Star: “It’s usually people with blocked accounts that wouldn’t have enough confidence to say it directly.

“I feel If I trigger people it’s from their insecurities usually!”

Sharai, @hoorayitssharai, got her first tattoo to commemorate her brother’s death and soon became addicted to ink.

Now, the mum has pretty, intricate designs all over her stomach, arms, legs, breasts and neck.

She’s also undergone plastic surgery treatments to achieve her dream bod.

Meanwhile, Andreas Stauffiger, 44, a pastry chef and volunteer fire fighter claims that he has been discriminated against because of his large and vibrant facial tattoos.

Andeas, AKA @sweet_and_fire, told us: “Yes I get lots of attention, but that I have to live with.

“Most feedback is positive.

“I‘ve so far no known haters, but I do experience some kind of discrimination.

“I‘m a positive person and my motivation for my tattoos is neutral.

“But, it is true that I prefer the attendance of animals than humans in my private life.”

And, Ethan Bramble, 24, @ethanmodboybramble, admits that the attention he commands can be “annoying”.

The influencer has hundreds of tattoos, a split tongue, inked eyeballs, implants and has even had his bellybutton removed.

He said: “I get attention no matter where I go, sometimes it gets annoying but you learn to cope (kind of) as far as haters are concerned that crap dosent really bother me.

“It says a lot about a person when they are so judgmental on ones appearance when it in no way affects them.”

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Ethan is about to celebrate his first father’s day with his new baby and thinks it’s likely that people will judge his parenting due to his ghoulish looks.

He explained: “My daughters three months old so she doesn’t really notice anything different because this is normal for he.

“If people judge my parenting on my appearance that’s say a lot more about them then it does me, but I’m sure people do.”

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