Talented pit bull balances tower of treats on head

Think a dog balancing one treat on their head is impressive? A California pit bull put other canines to shame after supporting a veritable Jenga of dog biscuits on her noggin, as seen in a now-viral video.

In the one-minute clip posted Tuesday, a pit bull named Azula stoically balances a tantalizing triple-decker treat tower in their Sacramento, Calif., home while the owner playfully taunts her in the background.

“The real question is, ‘Why am I so mean to you?’ ” says Zach Trowbridge of his patient pup’s gravity-defying feat. “Being a pit bull is kind of a struggle.”

He then jokes, “You balance your life better than I balance mine.”

Despite the verbal barrage, the disciplined doggie continues to stand statue-still with a longing look on her face. Finally, Trowbridge caves and asks, “Do you want your treats?” whereupon the ravenous canine lets the food pyramid topple to the floor and immediately starts devouring it.

This isn’t Azula’s first incredible balancing act. The talented pit has an Instagram page filled with shots of her balancing everything from stuffed animals to wine glasses.

And it seems social-media dog lovers are lapping it up. “She is so dang talented,” gushed one. “That is so cute and yet so MEAN!” commented another on a photo of Azula with snacks and a plush toy precariously perched on her nose.

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