Sylvester Stallone Writes Breakup Texts For Daughters' Boyfriends

"I asked him, I go, 'Why do you do that?' And he goes, 'I can tell within the first four minutes of meeting [a boyfriend] if he's going to last or not, and so I'm not going to waste my time,'" Sistine says of intimidation tactics her Rambo dad uses

Sylvester Stallone is mostly the strong silent type … unless his daughters need help breaking up with a guy.

Sistine and Sophia Stallone recently opened up about their dad and how he gets involved in their dating lives on the “Giggly Squad” podcast.

“My dad is a savant when it comes to our dating lives — in so many areas,” Sistine explained. “In one area, he writes most of our breakup texts.”

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“I highly suggest girls should go up to their dad and have their dad write a breakup text because men know men. I’m telling you,” Sophia added.

“And they never get mad for being honest,” Sistine said of how the jettisoned boys react to Sly’s carefully crafted messages.

However, their tough guy dad is less engaged when meeting new romantic prospects.

“We’re like, ‘Oh, this [guy] is a good egg. We’re gonna bring him home.’ And [our dad] is always standoffish,” Sistine told listeners. “[He] stands in the corner, doesn’t say anything … just to intimidate.”

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While Sophia added that the Rocky legend is always chomping on a cigar to assert who is alpha in the dynamic.

“I asked him, I go, ‘Why do you do that?’ And he goes, ‘I can tell within the first four minutes of meeting [a boyfriend] if he’s going to last or not, and so I’m not going to waste my time,'” Sistine said before admitting, “And he’s right every time.”

“He only likes my sister’s boyfriends, Scarlet,” Sophia said of their younger sister.

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The girls, who are both single, put their family and dating life on full display in their new reality series “The Family Stallone,” currently streaming on Paramount+.

In the show they open up about how protective their Rambo dad really is and what it’s like bringing home boys — something you can read more about in the link below.

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