Street artist enthralls town with coded notes – and some people have cracked it

A mystery street artist has a town enthralled after covertly posting a string of ominous coded messages on walls.

The artist's work was first spotted in Grimbsy, North East Lincolnshire, last week.

While to the uninitiated eye it seemed just to show a string of squares, half squares and triangles, several people quickly worked out what it said, Grimsby Live reports.

"Anyone can work out a code deciphering the message is the hard part," it read.

And it wasn't to be a one off.

A second piece was pasted on a wall a few days later written in binary code.

It had a more substantial message, with a darker tone that revealed a little more about the artist’s raison d’etre.

It read: “Here to save the world from self destruction. Humanity is dead and I am the saviour. See me in streets.”

While the people of Grimsby were mulling over what this could all me, an eagle eyed art sleuth noticed a Twitter profile claiming to be run by the mysterious street artist.

As well as images of the two artworks, the profile included a clarification of the second note.

'See you in the streets' wasn't in invitation to brawl or riot, the artist said, but a suggestion to watch out for more pieces of street art.

A now deleted post had the artist claiming to be behind a skeleton model that was found hanging from a noose last September.

That controversial display also featured police tape in front of bones, which itself had "set Liberi" (set free) written on its forehead and was bearing a necklace featuring the pound sterling symbol.

Borrowing the spooky guerrilla tactics of Max Headroom and Anonymous, they then uploaded a video of a shadowy figure wearing a white mask.

Grainy digital artifacts and a heavily-synthesised voice added to the drama.

“To the people of the world,” the figures say.

“The time is now. We need to realise that humanity is slowly destroying itself bit by bit. We are given such a precious gift that is known as life.

“We need to help each other but at the same time be realists with it too. What one sees as hate might not be hate. Each opinion should be heard and each one of us should listen. Only then will the truth be found.”

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