Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet reunite for daughter's birthday

Princess Stephanie of Monaco reunites with her ex-husband Daniel Ducruet for their daughter’s birthday – 27 years after divorcing in the wake of his cheating scandal

  • The Monaco royal marked her daughter’s 29th birthday with her former flame 
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Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been snapped with her ex-husband 27 years after their acrimonious divorce. 

The Monaco royal, 58, marked her daughter Pauline Ducruet’s 29th birthday with a party last week, where she was joined by Pauline’s father Daniel, also 58. 

The pair became romantically involved around 1991 when Daniel worked as a bodyguard for the Monaco princely family, appointed to look after the Princess by her father Prince Rainier. 

After a wedding in 1994, and the birth of Pauline and her brother Louis, 30, the pair eventually divorced in 1996 after Daniel was caught cheating with Miss Bare Breast of Belgium 1995. 

But nearly 30 years on, it seems the pair have put their acrimonious spit behind them, as they celebrated their daughter’s birthday together and appeared in a snap shared by Stephanie on her Instagram account. 

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 58, has been spotted with her ex-husband Daniel Ducruet at their daughter Pauline’s 29th birthday last week 

The couple seemed to be on good terms as they posed together sitting on each side of their daughter Pauline in front of an impressive birthday cake. 

Pauline, a budding fashion designer, offered the camera a confident smile as she sat between her parents, her arm resting on her mother’s shoulders.

Stephanie looked well-rested in a silky red shirt, her hazelnut locks styled in an elegant short bob with a natural makeup highlighting her natural glow with some peach bronzer. 

Meanwhile, Daniel looked dapper in a light blue shirt, sporting a salt and pepper five o’clock shadow. 

The couple co-parented their two children after their split in 1996, when Pauline was three. 

The pair had a passionate love story which started when Daniel worked as Stephanie’s bodyguard in the 1990s. 

Up until the point, he had been engaged to Martine Malbouvier, who was expecting their first child. 

At the time Stephanie and Daniel went public, Martine was six months pregnant and gave birth to her son, Michaël Ducruet in February 1992. 

The pair met when Daniel worked as Stephanie’s bodyguard from the early 1990s and soon began a romantic liaison. They welcomed their first child in 1992, the their second in 1994, before marrying in 1995 and divorcing in 1996 (pictured) 

Daniel and Stephanie’s first son, Louis, was born just ten months later in November, with Pauline following a year and a half later. 

Stephanie campaigned for her father, the late Prince Rainier to let her marry Daniel, and he eventually relented, with the pair tying the knot in 1995. 

Unfortunately, 14 months after their wedding, Daniel was caught cheating on the Princess with Muriel “Fili” Mol-Houteman, Miss Bare Breasts of Belgium 1995. 

The pictures of his indiscretion were published by the Italian tabloids Evatremila and Gente, with Ducruet fleeing to Morocco in the wake of the scandal. 

In 2000, it came out that Muriel had set up the affair, and was found guilty of breaching France’s strict privacy laws when she had sex with Daniel in front of a photographer accomplice, Stephane de Lisiecki, 39, and his assistant Yves Hoogewys, 28. 

Daniel and Stephanie on their wedding day on July 1 1995 in Monaco. They would divorce a year and two months later 

The couple pictured at a gala dinner before the cheating scandal that led to their divorce in 1996

The pair have been present for their children since their divorce. Pictured in 2019 with Pauline and Louis, as well as Daniel’s new wife Kelly-Marie Lancien and their daughter Linoue

Mol-Houteman was sentenced to six months suspended sentence, while de Lisiecki and Hoogewys both received a year suspended sentences.

A court heard how Muriel set up the photo op for financial motives. 

Ducruet claimed the model and her accomplices drugged his champagne to make him more likely to fall for her charms. 

Stephanie submitted a letter requesting divorce to her father after news of the affair spread in Italian and Spanish media. 

But the couple seem to have found common ground in co-parenting their children, and have been able to both be there for Louis and Pauline for their milestone moments. 

In 2018, Daniel married Kelly-Marie Lancien and the couple had a daughter named Linoue. 

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