Spoilers: Kiri crushed as paternity is revealed in Neighbours

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is on a mission and nothing will stop her in Neighbours, but does she have any idea of what impact what she’s doing will have?

Nic knows she’s onto something with Glen (Richard Huggett) and is gearing up to blow this case wide open. Armed with the name of Glen’s ex, she heads to Mallacoota for some answers. She learns that Glen was friends with a couple years ago who happened to have a daughter named Kiri. Excited by her find, Nic decides to share this nugget of information with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Paul is certainly intrigued to learn this, and heads straight to John Wong to apply the pressure. Under duress, John gives in and tells Paul what he’s after. Bingo. Paul is ready to take this news and run with it.

The secret is out – Glen fathered Kiri. Kiri is the most shocked of everyone, and runs straight into Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) arms for support. Nicolette is responsible for this devastation, but she refuses to take responsibility, which doesn’t go down well. Paul is also not flavour of the month with his loved ones.

But it’s Glen who is hit the hardest.

Kiri connects with mum Barbara in a bid to get some answers, but nothing takes away the sense of betrayal. Glen breaks out of his bubble to check in on her, and the two have a serious heart to heart.

Kiri is then hit with a further truth – it is Terese who spoke with her dad Alan and caused the ripples of hurt amongst her family. She apologises to Glen, realising he is innocent. But she’s not ready to let him off the hook either.

Kiri feels so ashamed at the hurt caused to Alan that when her mum leaves to try to save her marriage, Kiri can’t face going with her. Is this a chance for her and Glen to reconnect?

Scenes air from Monday May 9 on Channel 5.

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