Sog saves owner's life by dragging him to phone after he had a stroke

Returning the favor! Heroic six-year-old German Shepherd named Sadie saves the life of the man who rescued her by dragging him to the phone after he suffered a stroke

  • Last week, Sadie the dog jumped into action when her owner, Brian Myers, had a stroke and collapsed on the floor of his home in New Jersey 
  • She licked him to keep him awake and dragged him across the room so he could reach his cell phone and dial 911
  • Sadie is staying with family while Brian recovers but the pair FaceTime daily
  • He revealed that he is suffering from ‘mild paralysis’ on the left side of his body and is ‘having difficulty speaking’ but says he is ‘making great progress’
  • Brian adopted Sadie from Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and the two quickly bonded, despite Sadie’s past nervousness with men 

A six-year-old German shepherd is being hailed as a hero after she saved her owner’s life when he suffered a stroke.

Last week, Sadie the dog jumped into action when her owner, Brian Myers, had a stroke and collapsed on the floor of his home in New Jersey.

A very loyal pet, Sadie licked Brian to keep him away and even dragged him across the room so he could reach his cell phone and call 911.

Super pup! Sadie, a six-year-old German shepherd from New Jersey, saved her owner’s life last week after he suffered a stroke

Savior: In an interview on Wednesday, Sadie’s owner Brian Myers recalled how she came to comfort him when he fell down in the middle of the night – then helped him get to a phone 

In an emotional interview, Brian – who is currently in rehab undergoing treatment in the wake of his stroke – paid tribute to his heroic dog, recalling how she came to his rescue in the middle of the night.  

‘I was sleeping and I had to use the bathroom in the night,’ he told CBS2. ‘As soon as I stepped on the floor I went down and hit the ground. I couldn’t get back up.’ 

Doctors informed Brian that he had suffered a stroke while he was sleeping, and had it not been for Sadie, who went over to comfort him after he fell, the consequences could have been much more severe. 

‘I just grabbed on hold of her collar and she started pulling her weight backwards,’ Brian said. ‘And with that I was able to slide myself across the floor. Otherwise, I would probably still be laying there.’

The story was shared on Facebook by the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, where Sadie had lived after her last owner moved and surrounded her.

‘She was confused and seemingly lost upon rescue, having suddenly lost the only family that she knew,’ the shelter wrote. 

‘Sadie is a loyal dog, but nervous and protective with new people, making her a more difficult placement.’ 

But a few months ago, Brian came in and adopted her. Though she was usually quite nervous with men, she bonded with Brian. 

‘Brian gave Sadie a second chance at life, adopting Sadie and welcoming her home,’ the shelter wrote.

Then, last week, Sadie returned the favor when Brian suffered a stroke while he and Sadie were home alone.

‘While he was collapsed, Sadie never left his side. She licked his face to keep him awake, and helped drag him across the room to his cell phone,’ the shelter wrote. 

‘Sadie was the only reason that Brian was able to call for help. This time, Sadie gave Brian a second chance at life.’

The shelter concluded that Brian is alive today ‘thanks to Sadie’s devotion and quick thinking.’ She is currently staying with Brian’s family while he recovers.

‘They FaceTime every night, and are counting down the days until they can reunite!’ the shelter wrote. 

According to Brian, his family has welcomed Sadie with open arms – in fact, he has had to remind his relatives that her stay with them is only temporary. 

‘I’ve had to tell them she’s my dog! So I want her back,’ he joked. 

Commenters on Facebook have gone wild for the heartwarming story.

‘My heart is overflowing … such an amazing story of a true and loyal friend,’ wrote one woman.

‘Amazing the bond between owners & pups,’ wrote another. 

‘Not all super heroes where a cape. Sadie is a true hero! God bless. Praying for Brian’s speedy recovery and they’re reunited soon!’ added a third.

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