Social media users reveal astonishing museum doppelgängers

Life imitating art! Social media users unveil their doppelgängers after doing a double take in art galleries

  • Twitter account shared images of museum visitors posing with doppelgängers
  • Thread inspired others to share startling doubles with some celebrity cameos
  • Include old paintings which resembled starts Peter Dinklage and Keanu Reeves

Social media users are sharing their past life doppelgängers after stumbling across them in museums around the world. 

Twitter user artgate2 shared an astonishing thread of tourists posing in front of their doubles, which quickly gathered 13K likes and 2.1K retweets. 

The viral thread inspired others to share similar snapshots of themselves posed in front of various works of art after they unexpectedly came across their doppelgängers. 

The photos also featured some celebrity doppelgängers, including a dead-ringer for Game Of Thrones stat Peter Dinklage at Museo Nacional del Prado in Spain, and a double of Matrix actor Keanu Reeves.  

Here, FEMAIL reveals startling doubles museum visitors have come across while examining artworks around the globe. 

Art fans have been sharing their uncanny resemblance to museum portraits, including this woman who stood in front of  William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s ‘The Broken Pitcher’

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Sam, from the UK, is a dead-ringer for Vincent Van Gogh and posed in front of one of his self-portraits 

This social media user posed in front of a painting at the Louvre in Paris after discovering an uncanny resemblance 

This man shared an astonishing side-by-side comparison of him with an old painting during a museum visit 

This US-based man posed in front of a 17th-century painting of a bearded warrior in armor by Jan van Bijlert at the Norton Simon Museum

Sean, from the UK, joked on Twitter that he looked like he was  ‘was part of the 1943 Warsaw uprising’ in this picture 

One social media user shared a dead-ringer for Game Of Thrones stat Peter Dinklage at Museo Nacional del Prado

Leanne, from the UK, shared a picture of herself posing in front of a statue at the Vatican Museums in Rome

Katherine, from the UK, shared a double of Matrix actor Keanu Reeves she discovered while visiting a museum 

Mark, from the UK, shared a picture of his double at the Escher Museum in Den Haag in the Netherlands

Giulia, from Poland, shared a picture of her husband’s doppleganger,  Ottoman sultan, in Istanbul 

Paul, from Scotland, shared a snap taken of himself besides his lookalike statue during a visit to a Rome museum 

This social media user, from Norwich, shared a photo of him standing besides a drawing of his double  

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