Sickened house movers find home filled with dog poo as brazen owner leaves note

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Two house removal workers were left disgusted when they were called to pack up some clothes and furniture – only to find the house piled with rotting rubbish and dog poo.

Will and his colleague called the house "one of the nastiest" homes they have ever walked into.

Mobile phone footage shows the two of them covering their nose and mouth in face masks as they stand in the hallway, looking into the rooms.

"This is the kind of s*** we have to deal with on days like this. Look at this s***, what the f***?" Will says.

"She expects us to move this for her? Check this note on the door — 'Please pack all clothes and all furniture and everything in bedroom. Don't worry about the kitchen. Thank you!'"

As he pans the camera into a bedroom, the floor is covered in dirty clothes, leftover food and rotting rubbish.

There is a rail of clothes in the wardrobe but, other than that, the carpet is covered in stains and dog faeces.

"No f***ing way, there's dog s*** all over the floor," he continues as he tries to walk further in while avoiding stepping on the rubbish.

"There's food everywhere, I ain't clean for you."

The living room is also scattered with rubbish around one armchair, a desk and a television.

Will and his partner left the house and decided to turn down the job.

He later explained in a follow-up video: "This woman contacted us, supposedly she and her boyfriend were living there with their dog.

"Her boyfriend got depressed during the start of Covid-19 so I guess he just stopped cleaning. She left, and left the dog there and he stopped walking the dog and it just went bad from there.

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"She ended up having us come move her stuff and just a couple pieces of furniture out of there."

Viewers were shocked and said they would also decline service if they were in Will's shoes.

One said: "That place is a hazardous waste issue."

"The nerve to leave a note and said 'don't worry about the kitchen'," a second blasted.

Will believed no movers will take the job and suggested the woman to call junk specialist for help.

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