Should Your Significant Other Follow Instagram Models? 14 Women Hash It Out, Because It’s Complicated

Picture this: You’re sitting next to your partner as they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed when you see not one, not two, but three almost naked pictures of "Instagram models" in a span of 10 minutes. For some people, this can be an uncomfortable situation and a total turn-off, while others don’t really mind. Though there’s no right or wrong way to feel about who bae follows, you might find yourself wondering, should your significant other follow Instagram models? Ultimately, it really just depends on how you and your partner both feel about it.

Every couple is different. If your partner follows these models, and you don’t mind, then there isn’t much (if anything) to really figure out — as long as you’re both at peace with it. On the other hand, if knowing that they follow those accounts makes you feel uneasy, that’s totally OK, but it’s important to let bae know how you feel and why. As with most things in relationship, the key to moving forward with your partner is to talk to them about how them following Instagram models affects you. While it would make things much easier if your SO could know what you’re thinking without you having to voice it, science hasn’t gotten that far yet. So, for now, communication is such an important part of solving any issue that may come up in your relationship.

In a recent AskWomen thread, Reddit user idkcf posed the question, "What is your opinion on a SO following several ‘instagram models’?" and it led to a thorough discussion on the matter. Some women said they didn’t really mind, others were definitely against it, and a few added that it depended on how their partner was interacting with the models (if at all). See for yourself.

These women don’t care.

— u/clcameron10

— u/phononmezer

— u/Wildernessinabox

— u/SweetLikeTupeloHoney

These women think it depends on the situation.

— u/310throwaway310

— u/hauntsVII

— u/CaptainMirage

— u/srhlzbth731

And these women are not OK with it.

— u/greenwitchy

— u/schroddie

— u/lady_MoundMaker

— u/pjsdino

— u/Wanderlustskies

— u/peachycream

TL;DR? If you feel conflicted about who your significant other follows, you’re not alone. If their Instagram habits make you feel uncomfortable, it’s important to speak up — that’s the smoothest way to figure out the issue together and continue to thrive.

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